Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reasons you should be like me

Today I got the most exercise I've gotten all week, aka did more than take the garbage out. I actually got off the couch and did things in an upright position, like singing the alphabet song. I probably burned a whole 100 calories all day, huge improvement from the lethargy of Monday and Tuesday. I hate being sick.

I liked reading about everyone's views on working when you're sick. Now I feel like a weenie for staying home. To clarify, on days like today, when I'm just feeling under the weather, like today, I went in. Days like Monday when my head was pounding, I was dizzy when I stood up, it took me a half hour to get the energy to walk to the bathroom and I went through half a Costco box of Kleenex before noon, are days I stay home. I'm probably still considered a wuss but that's how I roll.

I finally went to the doctor, and got some fabulous antibiotics for my sinus infection, so its officially back to running tomorrow! I can't wait.

So the super excitement of my day today, other than putting connecting cubes together into groups of ten, and discussing what I would do if I found a lost bear, was before 8am. After yesterday's snow, I had that super thick layer of ice on my windshield. I was using my super powerful arms to scrape it off, when my boot hit an ice patch and I basically flipped backwards and hit my head on the ground. 

Naturally, my reaction was to be afraid that I'd have a concussion like Dwight on The Office when he goes to rescue Michael from burning his foot on the foreman grill. 
I had planned to get to work early to do, um, work, but instead I used the extra time feeling my head, telling everyone my sob story, and waiting for the school nurse to get there and check my eyes. I tried to make sure I didn't call any of my coworkers by weird names, too. I also hit my elbow and the doctor said to ice it, but giving up the use of my arm means I can't blog or eat, soooo....

Oh, to add to my idiocy of the day, I forgot my debit card when I left for school. I figured I could just stop home before heading to the doctor.  But, I forgot I had a meeting after school. I'm in a book club at school for a grad credit that's led by our principal. We are reading a book called "Teach Like a Champion". Not only had I forgotten about the meeting, I had also forgotten to read the chapters, and now I wouldn't have time to go home and had no way to pay my copay. 

Moral of the Story - Alyssa is Awesome at Life


  1. Alyssa- you are awesome at life!!!

  2. Those ARE good reasons to be like you. Especially the laying on the couch and not doing anything part. I like that part best.

  3. That sounds like something I would do! Just know there are plenty of people out there that are like you!! Hope you have a good day tomorrow!!

  4. that is seriously my favorite episode of the office ever! I've seen all of them a million times, but I've probably seen that one 2 million. Dwight being nice, you can't get much funnier than that.

  5. This is why I could never teach little kids. They require a level of energy that I just can't muster up every day, sick or not :)

    What grad program are you in? I did one that was based in Baltimore (College of Notre Dame) for my teaching certification. Most people were doing the grad program, but I already have a M.A., so one is enough :)

  6. I think that's the book were supposed to be reading for our book study at school. Can you tell I have been reading?!?! : )
    I forgot to add this to my creepy comment earlier...
    I downloaded Angry Birds on my moms phone when we were sitting in the airport Sunday. She asked me how I knew about that game and I told her from you. She asked who Alyssa was then told me I was crazy when I told her you were my blog friend. : ) Yes, I talked about you like you were my real life bff. If I wasn't creepy before, I'm pretty sure I am now.
    Anyway, Thanks to you, I'm addicted!!!


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