Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm easily confused

Ahhh the complete exhaustion of marathon training, that no amount of coffee can cure. Somehow I had forgotten about that, and only remembered the nonstop hunger.

Eric took this picture of me passed out, probably at some pre-school bedtime, like 8pm.

Thanks for everyone's comments on refueling! You guys inspired me to attempt to pull myself together and refuel like a grown up, as in only eating enough frozen yogurt for 3 people, not half my body weight. I'm going to try it. Paula asked how many Gus I eat during a run. On this week's long run I ate 3, during a marathon I think I would probably eat 4. I might have eaten another one if I had known I was doing 22.2 miles instead of 20, but that just sort of happened as a surprise. Maybe 3 wasn't enough though? I liked Kari's idea of second breakfast and second lunch, maybe I'll check that out, instead of one of each and then up to fifth dessert.

Plus, it worked out for Kevin and Pam.

I ran a 7 mile recovery run on Sunday, and a 5 mile easy run Monday morning. That means I ran 34.2 miles in less than 48 hours - WOW. I have no idea what the difference is between a recovery run and an easy run, although my legs felt a lot looser after Sunday's run. I went to yoga at my apartment complex clubhouse last night. There was a sub and I told her about my long run and asked her to help me stretch my legs, and she was amazing. My legs felt awesome after class. I need to do more yoga.

I am totally mystified.  I ran 22.2 miles Saturday, and then run 7 miles Sunday. When I ran 26.2 miles, aka only 4 more miles, in the marathon, I could barely walk a mile the next day, and every movement that required my legs (basically anything more complicated than pushing a button on the remote) was painful.

What is it about the marathon? Why do those 4 miles make such a difference? 

PS - Skinny Runner is giving away an awesome jacket!


  1. At least for me, I'm pushing myself harder in races than I do on practice runs, so my legs are more tired. But the more I run, the easier it is to recover. Maybe you're just becoming a pro already. :-)

    P.S. Thanks for answering the Q!

  2. I'm always sore after races, even 5Ks. It's because I like to pass people and run much faster than I normally do :)

  3. hahaha, i feel exactly like kevin and pam when I have my second meals! love it!

    It's got to be the fact that you go completely all out for races that makes it so debilitating the next day, otherwise, you're right, it makes no sense.

  4. I think I have had several second meals lately, and I haven't been running. EEEK! Hellooo muffin top, I haven't seen you in a while.
    Girl you are hardcore! That's so awesome that you just run 34.2 miles in less than 48 hours. I have maybe ran that much this year. ugh.
    I had FroYo on Sunday, and it was AMAZING. I can totally see how you could eat your body weight in that stuff! : )

  5. I SLEEP SO MUCH DURING TRAINING and I am a fifth desserter too...maybe I need a second bfast too!!! I loved that episode of the Office. That 4 miles kills me too!! Girl, let's work on our exercise guilt together okay!!!

  6. I love the idea of having second breakfast and second lunch. It's seems kind of nice to be able to eat smaller meals throughout the day since I love to eat.

    And great job on all that mileage!

  7. I def know that phenomena -- where a 20 mile run can feel like childs play, but a marathon can put you out for weeks.

    I always though the difference wasn't the miles, but the effort -- during a long practice run, I stop at red lights and stretch, stop at water fountains, etc. At a marathon, NO stops -- and running faster than is fully comfortable


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