Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best blogging day ever

Yesterday was so awesome.  I had contact with two "famous" bloggers, which pretty much means they have more than double the followers I do (but I'm up to 13!) and they get double digit comments on every post. That sentence was really nerdy.

I totally love/hate Skinny Runner and Hungry Runner Girl, love because their blogs are awesome and hilarious, hate because they is totally gorgeous and super super fast and I'm jealous. Actually its more like love/envy.

Anyway, Skinny Runner asked for pictures of wedding dresses and put mine on her blog!

I commented on Hungry Runner Girl's blog and told her I did Three Tangent Tuesday and she commented on my post!

In the blog world these things are huge news (to me), in the real world probably not so much, but it made me happy. Plus the whole no school or class thing worked out pretty well. In addition to my bread, I made tortilla soup with homemade tortillas, and ice cream. Snow days are great eating days.

Today we have a regular day and my schedule is all screwed up from all the days off. I didn't go to sleep until like 11 last night, so I just laughed when my alarm went off at 5 to go to the gym. I'll have to go after school once I finish report cards. Their basically done, I just have to enter math grades, and if I start running low on time everyone just gets an A then, the gym takes priority.


  1. Maybe you'll start getting double digit comments! :)

  2. I got excited the first time Janae commented on my blog, too. Maybe I still get a little excited every time! : ) And, I had a huge smile on my face when Baron Batch, a guy that plays football at Texas Tech, commented on my blog. I LOVE him and his blog. Silly? Maybe. But, it made my day!!
    My routine is all out of whack, too. I wish I was in your math class so I could get an A. : )

  3. I too was also very excited when Shut Up and Run and HRG also posted on my blog. I think I screamed in excitement.... I am a total dork!
    Congrats on your own running accomplishments- I love reading about other people's running adventures. Keep up the great work!

  4. Haha.. I was the same way when Janae posted on my blog. I guess we can all be nerds together! :)

  5. hey, it's all relative -- you commented on my blog and made MY day, because as a brand new blogger I have NO readers/commenters, and you are the real deal!!

    p.s. Don't be too impressed with my pre-work 18 miler -- as a law grad fellow I can "mostly" make my own hours, so I didn't come into the office until 10:30 a.m....


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