Saturday, February 5, 2011


I didn't run 18 miles as planned this morning.

I ran 19.1!!!!

It was actually due to a bit of a calculation error and having to get back to the cars regardless of mileage, because I am such a superstar and have phenomenal endurance.

Our group was meeting at 7:30 to do 12 miles, but since I only got 13.1 last weekend due to the half marathon, I wanted to add on. I met my friend Mike at 6:45 to do four miles before meeting the group, and we planned to do after back to our cars. It was raining, but not too hard, more like that misty rain. My new waterproof best friend (jacket) was amazing, it kept water out like the Alamo kept Mexicans out. And we were all a little disturbed that it was 30 degrees out but it felt warm to  us....its all relative, right?

I don't know the time because once again I screwed up and forgot to turn my Garmin back on after we stopped at my car and the only way I know the mileage is some crazy math and running part of the route twice....I'm not OCD or anything though....
I cannot say enough how much I love my training group. 19 miles seriously flew by, we had so much fun and chatted the whole time, and kept the pace at around 10 minute miles, which was exactly what I wanted. I also love running in downtown Baltimore, where I used to live and on the marathon course - oh, the memories! 

My waterproof gloves turned out to be only waterproof for like 14 miles, and my head and everything below my waist was soaked for most of the run. It really didn't bother me that much though, I am pretty excited about how awesome this rainy run was.
No joke, the 25 minute car ride home was harder to get through than the run. I was miserable, my car was all fogged up and I couldn't see. My fingers have this weirdo problem where they go numb and throb after runs so they were yellow like I had jaundice and the nails were the color of my bridesmaid dresses.
How many random wedding pictures can I include on this blog?

When I got home and discovered I couldn't immediately get in the shower to warm up because Eric was in there, I just screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" like  my life was ending.
So I tried to take some pictures of myself to show how wet I was, but you can't really tell. Also I was shivering so hard I could barely push the camera buttons. So you can just admire my new jacket, and think about the hot abs underneath.
This is how I really felt though.
Ok, imagine the BEST thing that could ever happen to you after a long run. 

Now imagine something even better.

Well, something even better than that happened to me when I came home.
This box....contains.....

Tell me that is not the most amazing thing to come home to after running for hours in the rain.

My Dad sent me this gift, and I LOVE HIM for it!!!! I know, I know, I have the best parents in the whole world, and you probably want them to adopt you, but I don't really think they are looking to take on any more kids. But two fantastic care packages in the same week???? I lucked out in the family department.

I'm going on a little trip tonight and this is all the food I am bringing with me....and this doesn't even  include the oatmeal I am currently eating or tonight's dinner (or the cheesecake). I eat a ridiculous amount on a normal basis, and 19 miles makes me extra hungry.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Fantastic job on the long run!! 19.1 miles is SO far! haha...obviously I've never run a marathon. ;)And yay for running the streets of Bmore. I ran the Baltimore Half last year and really enjoyed seeing the city that way. Enjoy your cheesecake!

  2. I wish my coat was as nice as yours! Mine gave up almost instantly to the rain :)

  3. 19.1 miles is awesome! Before you know it you will be like the hungry runner girl and "accidentally" run 28 miles. : )
    I'm a sucker for cheesecake so I'm SO jealous of you right now.
    Dave Ramsey is a financial guru. I went to the classes for his money saving stuff a couple of years ago. EVERYTIME I want to buy something now I think "what would dave do" haha. it's no fun, but I have actually saved quite a bit of money.
    I work Saturday mornings at my parents store. I worked there through college and kept working Saturdays when I started teaching so my parents would take a day off. They usually let me grade papers or do school stuff when I'm not busy so it works out well. : )

  4. Wowza! You rock! What a great cheesecake surprise!!

  5. Terrific run! I am loving your new jacket.

  6. Great job!! Sorry you froze your tail off though. Cheesecake makes the world a happy place :)

  7. you have a marathon in the bag if you're feeling so chipper after over 19 miles!

    Bathroom letdown is the WORST. I've had a couple roommates who never seemed to notice that I came home from runs at the exact same time every morning, and would inevatably wait until that very time to start their grooming routine.

    I need INSTANT showers after running, don't know how some bloggers eat, watch tv, or go to work before showering

  8. Okay, I have to admit I'm a Texas girl and I didn't even catch it. I had to come back and read it again to see what you were talking about. I think when I read it, I took it as sarcasm. Like, it was supposed to keep the water out but it still came in? Kinda like the Alamo was supposed to keep the Mexicans out but they still got in. hahaha. I don't know. Maybe I just thought you were super witty with that comment. This totally made my morning!! : ) Hope you have a fabulous Monday!!


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