Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick running

Conclusion - running with a sinus infection is lame. It results in lack of quality, speed, and overall enjoyment of the run. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised, my sinus infection affects my breathing, which makes my asthma act up, so its not exactly a shock that running is tough. But I'm still mad about it. These antibiotics better get themselves to work before my 20 miler on Saturday.

I was supposed to do my dreaded 8 mile tempo run, but I downgraded to 6, then 5, then finally 4 when I had to postpone the run for about 10 minutes due to coughing. And I barely made it through the four, so wise decision. I considered doing a cooldown, but then I realized the whole run had basically been a cooldown. It still felt good to get out there, though.

I did have two pleasant surprises this morning.

1. My friend Mr. Sun is apparently gracing us with his presence in the six o'clock hour now, so I got to leave my miner light at home.
2. When I left for my run at 6:15, there was a package outside our door? What kind of crazy hours does this postman work??

It was my camelbak water bottle!
I got it for two reasons. I have really wanted a hand held water bottle for awhile now, for those 6-8 mile runs where the camelbak backpack is really too much, but I still need hydration. I also want to carry disposable water bottles instead of the backpack during the marathon, so I want to get used to it. I also got a good deal on it from

If you want to know about it, check out Amanda's review. That's what prompted me to finally buy it. She does detailed, excellent reviews that really give you a true picture of the product, as opposed to mine, which are usually one sentence that either contains the word "awesome" or "sucks".

Other randomness - my school does "secret pal" week, which is sort of like secret santa for different holidays, so we did it last week for Valentine's day. Each day you get a little gift, and a bigger one on Friday, when your secret pal reveals themselves. My friend Kristin turned out to be mine and my Friday gift was this adorable mug, which I am using this morning.

So now I have a conundrum - do I try to do some sort of cross training, like swimming, tomorrow, to make up for my lost miles? Or do I take it off like I always do, to prepare for my 20 miler? I need your expert opinions, please!


  1. I would take off tomorrow (I'm running 20 miles on Sat too!). Maybe do an easy walk or something, but you need rest more than miles.

    I agree with you that running while sick blows!

  2. I will go to work sick, but I do not work out sick. I say take the day off. You're body was telling you to today for your 4 miler.

    And that IS a really detailed review of a water bottle. Who knew there was so much to say about one of those?

    I have the Nathan water bottle. It freezes my hand when I have ice in it and I just get tired of holding it. But I don't like holding anything and I really wish I did because it would make running so much easier!

  3. I hate rest days, so I'd say cross train, but then again you're sick, so maybe resting is best? I'm a terrible doctor!

  4. If it were me, i'd take the day off. Rest, rest, rest. :)

  5. Take the day off. You need your strength!

  6. I love your mug!! It's so cute! And I'm excited that Mr. Sun is coming out earlier now. Yay for daylight!

  7. I would rest, atleast for a day. Cute mug!!
    I don't think it's creepy but that's just because I still was stalking you from my phone while I was gone. haha! I feel like youre my long lost BFF and I had to know what was going on with you!
    Now who is the creepy one??!? : )
    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I'm sorry you're feel sicking and out of sorts (referring to your previous post), although it does make for entertaining blog reading!

    My runs lately have been feeling verrry rough. I also think I am sick. I will be forced to take tomorrow off because of a workday that starts at 6:00 a.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m. (SERIOUSLY, tell me HOW to fit exercise into a day like that!!). I hope I feel better on Saturday!

  9. I'm lover that daylight is lasting longer too!! I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for the link to my review! Hope you love the bottle too. Great mug that you got from your secret pal. I like big mugs that have a nice feel in your hand!


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