Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I keep my germs to myself

I didn't even know it was supposed to snow today, but we have another snow day. That's working out pretty well for me, because I have a sinus infection. Thanks to Abraham, George, and Mother Nature I haven't had to take any sick days. 

You know how you have some co-workers that will show up to work coughing, sneezing, pale, and looking like they can barely stand up? You ask why they are there, and they rasp out some explanation about a meeting they can't miss or something, expecting you to be impressed with their dedication to their job. 

Really, you are just annoyed that they brought all their germs in to work to share with you, and you wonder where they got the idea that they are so important that the whole organization will shut down if they take a day off to recover?

Ya, that's not me. If I'm sick, I take a day off. So far, I have not discovered any shocking, irreversible damage that has occurred from this practice. So far, my district and even my school have seemed to function just fine without me and my germs on those days. Still, its nice not to have to waste a sick day and worry about how much my class is torturing the poor sub.

I've been pretty much doing nothing but watching TV or movies, but I have been getting my ab workouts in by coughing like crazy. I think I am going to have to skip the track workout tonight, so I'll try to keep my ridiculous amount of exercise guilt in check. Better to miss a few workouts then to be sick and miss the marathon right? I'm just going to keep repeating "a few missed runs won't derail my training" over and over and over until I start to believe it....

Do you go to work sick, or are you a wimp like me and stay home until you are all better?


  1. I have a rule (or had, back when I actually got paid) that if I was running a fever, I stayed home. Otherwise, I went in. Now that my full time job is taking care of the baby, I don't get sick days :)

  2. Ugh, this sickness is every where...it had me knocked out for two weeks! I burned through all my sick days for the year before the end of February. :P

  3. Hope you start feeling better soon. This stuff that everyone has is horrible. My family and I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now. When I used to work I had to go to work and show my boss I was sick and then she would send us home if she thought we were sick enough.

  4. I go in sick. But I also sit in a cube all by myself and barely talk to anyone all day. It's an exciting job.

    I save my days off for fun stuff. Like gynocologist appts. ;-)

  5. Luckily for me I can stay home and not take a sick day. My office is set up for easy work-at-home days. Then again, it kind of stinks because we don't get any snow days since we can all work from home...that would have been nice this year at least.

  6. I used to be a go to work sickly person. So much so that I went to work instead of the doctor and it got so bad that my boss demanded that "I leave and go see a doctor and take the rest of the week off to get better because YOU have been sick for too long!"! Come to find out, I had pneumonia.

    Now, I rarely get sick, but if I do, I stay home!

  7. I love the second comic strip.

    This kills me too: people who go to they gym sick, and decide that is the day they reaaallly don't feel like wiping their machines down. I blame every cold I've ever gotten on the gym.

    To be honest, unless I have flu symptoms and am throwing up, just a sore throat or sinus problem usually won't keep me from work. Hypocrite that I am, I still hate people who come to work sick

  8. No picture of Millard Fillmore :(


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