Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've been on a little break from blogging for the past few days for three main reasons:
Reason #1
 I'm not real into watching movies, as I've mentioned before. If I made a list of all the cult classics that, when I tell people I haven't seen them, causes them to react like this:
I could probably fill a book. Back to the Future was one of them. I have some friends that found that unacceptable. Here they are.

so we planned a Back to the Future themed party where we watched all three movies back to back. I love my friends and we had a great time, but let's just say when we enacted the rule during the second movie that you had to drink every time you heard "Great Scott!" or "Back to the Future" was when the movies really started to improve for me.

 Reasons #2 & #3

I'm not going to discuss the ratio of these two items have affected my life, but lets just say they have both played a large part. But, good news, due to this:
I have the day off and plenty of time to really write some insightful report card comments and deep clean the house play dance central and blog all day.
(Potential Stalkers - please note that none of those cars belong to me, so I'll save you the time of blowing up the picture and figuring out the license plate).

Oh wait, isn't this blog supposed to be holding me accountable for training for a marathon, not just bragging about how glamorous my social life is to make you all jealous?

Well after I defrosted from Saturday's run and returned from the Back to the Future party (oh yes, this was an overnight event!), I absolutely couldn't wait to get out the door for my 6 mile recovery run - don't you love when you look forward to runs like a kid waiting for Christmas morning? 
Yes, I did say 6 mile recovery run. I remember when 6 miles was my long run while training for my first half mary. I flew to Toronto to meet my mom and my sister later that day and remember being like "I can't believe I am going to walk all around this city after I just ran SIX MILES!"
My sister and I at the shoe museum (isn't she so cute?). If you ever go to Toronto, I highly recommend it. I tried to find a pic of all 3 of us, but my mom sometimes tries to be sneaky and offers to take all the pictures so she doesn't have to be in them.....

Whoops, this is what happens when I blog on snow days - I get off on tangents. Anyway, the run was great and when I got home I did Jillian's Six Pack Abs. This was my third time during week 4 of the challenge.

Monday morning I woke up for my run and saw this - check out the temperature.

9 degrees was the actual! The feels like was 3 degrees! Somehow I banged out 4 easy miles. I did Jillian again when I came home - Day 1, Week 5 (I'm trying to only do it on my easy run days.) We had no kids on Monday - does anyone else LIVE for times you can go to work wearing sweats? Because I do.

 Check out that sexy hair! Pantene is just begging me to do a commercial!

Last night my training group met to do our track workout. I was already nervous because we were supposed to do 5 one mile repeats, which is tough. We found out the track was iced over, but, great news, we could still do our repeats on the hilly roads! Hurray! Nearly 6 miles of hilly speed work - WOW. No joke.

Other big news of this week: I finally made my own hummus, and it's amazing. I used this recipe and subbed arugula for spinach.

 I think I am going to go practice a new song on dance central and then challenge Eric to a dance battle as soon as he wakes up and act all like "wow, I'm doing so good, and I never even tried this one before!"

What is your favorite thing to do on a snow day?


  1. I LOVE me some Dance Central. I try to use it as a workout, but somehow beers end up being consumed and I have to do the pre-song lesson 80 times before it lets me advance to the actual dance battle. Hee!

  2. I'm so jealous you have a snow day! I would LOVE to be at home, on the couch watching Saved By the Bell, Regis and Kelly, Days of our Lives, Ellen and every other TV show I could find. Maybe I'm just really tired today and doing NOTHING sounds fabulous.
    When I read the GREAT SCOTT thing I thought maybe you were talking about No Strings Attatched. I saw it Sunday and thought it was pretty funny.
    I should make a list of movies I haven't seen and do something like that. I think the top movie my friends would tell me to watch is Titanic. Oops. ENJOY YOUR DAY OFF!!

  3. First, thank you for the comments and the support. I really hate crappy days and how down they make me feel. But I'm doing better and really trying to stay positive!

    And did someone mention hummus??? Out of my way! I will knock over the young and the elderly to get that last container of yummmmmy hummus and a bag of bagel chips. Mmmmm. Lucky for me my hubby likes garlic as well, or this could be a lonely marriage. :)

    I get that movie look from my husband a lot. Actually just got it last night. Apparently it is a crime in this country to not have watched Hot Fuzz or Hogan's Heroes??? Never seen them. Send me to jail. LOL

  4. 9 degrees? BRRR!! I don't get snow days, living in Arizona & all. But i'm ok with that, because i hate, hate, hate the cold. :)


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