Saturday, January 1, 2011

Didn't even realize the date was 1-1-11 till someone told me....

Based on facebook and twitter all sorts of people started the new year off on the right foot, being productive, getting a head start on their resolutions, etc. I took the opposite approach. Slept in, made a sugar filled french toast breakfast for my guests, and accomplished absolutely nothing. I planned on today being a rest day from exercise, after yesterday's 15 miler, so maybe I should feel guilty about taking a rest day from basically everything, but I don't. I cleaned up from the the gathering last night (can't really refer to having four guests over as a party) and baked delicious looking brownies for our holiday staff party on Monday. So that's something.

Let's move on to New Year's Resolutions. Last year I resolved to run a marathon, run a half marathon in under 2 hours, and be more patient. I accomplished the first two, so I think that's decent. This year I'm being a little more ambitious and dividing up my goals into four categories.

1. Run a marathon in 4:30 or under.
2. Do core work at least 3 times each week.
3. Do strength training at least 3 times each week.
4. Complete a triathlon.
5. Do Yoga at least 1 time each week.

Sort of seems like a lot but they overlap, like core work and strength will most likely be in the same workout, and I could certain types of yoga, like Bikram, as both as well.

1. Limit time to facebook/reading blogs/wasting time on the computer to one hour or less (unless Eric is out of town).
2. Post on this blog at least 3 times a week (at least that's one resolution I am tackling today!)
3. (The big one) Accept what people have to offer without judgement. I think I've really been much too judgemental lately so this will be my most challenging resolution, but also the one most important to me.

1. Start a budget.
2. Change my 403B allocation.

1. Get organized! This is one goal but I divided it up into mini - organizational goals for each month.
  • January - organize our desk, put important documents in a firesafe box, identify spots for paperwork and incoming mail
  • February - my shelves at work; all my curriculum guides and materials are an eyesore
  • March - Art supplies in my classroom
  • April - Recipes; print ones from online, clip ones from magazines, and put all into the adorable binder I got for my wedding 2.5 years ago that is still empty
  • May - classroom manipulatives
  • June - classroom file cabinets
  • July - email and H drive; create folders and file all documents and emails that are still needed
  • August - print and put all pictures in albums (or scrapbooks if I have learned to do that by then!)
  • September - go through apartment and donate or get rid of all clothes/items we no longer use or need
  • October - Assess finances and financial documents, make any necessary changes and destroy any old unnecessary documents
  • November - create a workout binder with all the ideas I've printed/ripped out of magazines
  • December - spices (my spice cabinet is a hot mess, and this is a busy month so I choose a pretty easy task!)
That about covers it for 2011! Like I said, today has basically been a wasted day but tomorrow I hope to be a bit more productive. I am hoping by posting it for the world to see (theoretically that is a possibility although its incredibly unlikely) I'll be held a bit more accountable :).

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  1. You are allowed a day off!! I always give myself one day off a week!! I try to only do 30 minutes of good stretches & if im up for it some core work!! Don't feel guilty at all :-) & yes, 4 days this week is fantastic!! I love your goals!! I'll keep you accountable & you keep me accountable! Deal? Awesome :-)! Happy New Year!!!


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