Saturday, January 15, 2011

Worst Run Ever

Greetings from the fabulous tundra of Rochester, NY! I flew up this weekend to hang out with my Dad, who just had surgery. I was so glad that the run I had to miss for my training group was at my least favorite/most hilly running spot (Loch Raven Reservoir) but when I checked out the conditions here I quickly changed my tune.

I was upset about cutting last week's long run from 16 miles to 14.5, but I actually feel fine about cutting this week's run from 12 to 6. It's because of this:

Here's what the roads looked like:

Oh, I know, it looks like I screwed up and posted a picture of the yard. NOPE, that's the road. That's what they all looked like. So after trudging through that nonsense while getting whipped in the face by snow and trying to see through all the flakes hitting my eyes for about 2 miles, I was done. So I'm pretty proud of myself for making it through four more miles before calling it quits. I was completely miserable the whole time - although not at all cold due to my awesome winter gear! Even Elphaba couldn't get me excited during Defying Gravity, which almost always works!

My face about sums it up - and I didn't even think my face was in this picture. I was trying to take a picture of myself outside since I wasn't about to subject anyone else to the torture of coming out to take one.

You can sort of see how high the snow already on the ground is here....past my knees for sure.

I worked some new muscles for sure trying to keep my balance for the ridiculous amount of time it took me to run 6 miles which I am not even posting. Luckily this is a recovery week so cutting my run short this week just means I'll be super strong and fast for next week....right?

What's your weather cutoff for running? I'll run in a lot but I clearly met my match today!

I'm not a football fan but I'm wearing my jersey for todays game.



  1. You did good! I would have been afraid of falling on my ass. I must admit, I miss the snow though.

  2. You are such a trooper. I never would have attempted to run in that!!

  3. Nice job! Your road picture is what my parents' road looked like when we were up in Rochester at Christmas. I ran a couple ~2-3 milers up there over Christmas break. Running on packed (or not so packed) snow and ice is equal to an extra mile or two of running on dry roads, in my opinion! Not to mention, it was about 10 degrees colder than anything I've run in down here in NJ.


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