Monday, January 3, 2011

One down, 6 to go

I'm going to go ahead and put this day down as a success in the books, despite the fact that it's not technically over. In terms of eating sugar that is. I wouldn't exactly call asking a classroom full of kids what it's called when the triangles are the same shape and same size (congruent) and having them all scream "main idea" teacher of the year material. But I did get to witness a 6 year old boy's concert version of Poker Face, so we'll call it a tie.

But back to the sugar. I had some baked banana oatmeal for breakfast, minus the brown sugar on top, plus homemade unsweetened coconut butter. Didn't even miss the sugar (of course, I was running so late due to my inability to get out of bed I had to shove it down my throat anyway, but we can't get into all my shortcomings tonight). Lunch/snacks were business as usual, I almost never have sugar in those anyway. I did realize I've been sneaking the candy jar at work more and more frequently, so its probably good to nip that in the bud before it gets out of control. I got mad at the person who had the candy today anyway, so it all worked out in the end.

The staff dessert party - two giant tables completely covered with nothing but desserts, aka my heaven normally/hell today. Luckily, for some reason in the afternoon my sugar cravings are significantly reduced - odd I know. Plus I had a workout planned immediately after, so I just ate my plain greek yogurt and pear and had fun actually getting to talk to those adults I work with but never see because we are constantly surrounded by screaming children.

It was the last day for my living social deal of 20 classes at a local gym.

Love of crazy classes that involve jumping/dancing
+ cheapness to rival Ebenezer Scrooge
+ getting my mind off eating sugar straight from the bag =
HARDCORE two hour workout. Bodypump, a weight lifting class, followed by Body Attack, the most fun/hardest hour you'll ever have working out. Now my arms are on fire.

I finally made bread from my new breakmaker! Last night, I had to restart the cycle twice when all I had was a pile of flour, until I finally figured out that all the pieces have to actually be IN the breadmaker for it to work, as opposed to the dishdrain. And by that I mean I sat on the couch and complained my bread sucked while Eric solved the mystery. So tonight I dug into my delicious bread and leftover soup, AT THE TABLE. We have a really bad habit of eating in front of the TV, which I want to change.

I don't know exactly how to explain it, but being at the table made it seem more like the meal had a beginning and ending point, as opposed to just parking it on the couch and snacking endlessly. I also didn't drink my usual crystal light, as I am trying really hard not to just replace sugar with chemical options. I don't know what made the difference, but I actually didn't crave dessert at all after dinner, as opposed to, um, every other night of my life?? I cleaned up and now I am enjoying some (unsweetened) tea before bed! Really oddly easier than I thought!

This post is basically a novel but I really want to document this sugar free thing so I can try to figure out the cravings and refer back to it later if need be - if any of my very few readers is actually still reading - THANK YOU! Your stamina is truly impressive.


  1. I was doing a similar thing. I did not allow myself to purchase and consume sweets here at work (except a banana with lunch) from the cafeteria or vending machines. (I suppose purchase but not each would be acceptable for my dietary purposes, but there's really no point to purchasing things and then not eating them, is there?)

    The "diet" includes avoiding soda and baked goods. Pretzels or nuts is allowed.

    For months, I was good, didn't eat any sweets. And then the holidays came and I found my brain convincing my body to go get a cookie or something else forbidden. For 2011, the goal is to stay off of sweets and soda here at work (and at home too, although my prohibition there is not absolute, I do allow myself fruit and once a week, a soda or some cookies).

  2. That's very impressive willpower! I think it's important to allow indulgences here and there though. This is a very temporary thing, my overall goal is just to reduce the sugar intake. I've been trying to get my sweet tooth under control for years now and I have heard going cold turkey is the way to do it.....


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