Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sugar Ban: Officially Lifted

I wasn't about to let my poor husband eat this entire mini chocolate cream pie alone, was I?

Last night we had date night. We decided to take a picture before we left. I was very helpful in making sure the camera was aimed properly. My sister got me this dress for Christmas, and our friend got her the same one!
Look at that sexy couple. Yes, we still have our tree up. If you look closely, there is still a gift under it for someone I haven't seen yet. I consider that an excuse to leave it up as long as possible. Also we had to wait until December 26th to get our star 50% off so I need to get some use out of it.
Since the movie and restaurant were in the same plaza as Wegmans, we started our date by doing our weekly grocery shopping. If grocery shopping on a date seems weird to you, you haven't shopped at Wegmans. Or maybe its possible single people actually trying to impress their dates suggest other activities?

I am a firm believer that date night is whatever works for the couple. For example, ours have included boiling pasta in our pjs and watching reruns of The Office, dance parties (with us as the only guests and my ipod as the DJ), and playing Twister (and don't think that's some sort of dirty metaphor, I literally took the twister board out of the closet and we played it). But on this rare and exciting occasion we took the more traditional route. Sort of.

We seem to be destined to miss Black Swan. After Casi met us at Wegmans and told us that Dicks was having a clearance sale and everything on clearance was ALSO 50%, clearly we had to make a stop. We scored a bunch of workout clothes, mainly underarmour, for about $60, which is awesome. Most of them were for Eric so I was pretty jealous but the size gods wanted that I guess. That also sparked the discussion, why can't they say "dick" on TV, but it can be the name of a national sporting goods store?

Anyway with all our shopping, we either had to grab something fast and sneak it into the movie, or miss the movie for a nice dinner. We opted for the dinner. The phrase "they have some really good cocktails" left Eric's lips as he was looking at the menu and it was on between me and sugar.

We ran into a bit of a problem. I really liked my drink. I also really liked Eric's drink. He didn't really care for either one. Which led to this. Attractive, I know.

Which led to another stop into Wegmans for the chocolate cream pie. We happily consumed it while watching Dinner with Schmucks on the couch, and I fell asleep before the movie ended, so I can't really comment on how it was.

All in all, I abstained for sugar for 6 full days so I am proud of myself because that is significantly longer than I thought I could go. Things I've learned:

1. I can go a day (or several) without chocolate and not go into anaphylactic shock. I don't know what this means but I know it's real because I googled it to spell it and it sounds like it would be on ER. Remember this guy?
I used to love him back in the day.

2. If you are working towards some kind of goal, alcohol is not going to help you. Unless your goal is to have the confidence to choose a really tough rap song to sing at a karaoke bar that only 50 Cent actually knows any of the words to.
Whenever I am doing some crazy workout thing, like planks or mountain climbers, usually to a Jillian video, and I feel like I can't last one more second, I think to myself "I know I can because I've done it before". So I guess I can apply this reasoning to skipping dessert and making it more of a treat than a nightly ritual. But I still had two Lindor truffles after my pie.


  1. lol, love the karaoke! That is something I would do for sure...
    Good to know about the movies...;). I think I am going to have bring a sub now!

  2. p.s. gave you a Stylish Blogger Award on my blog


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