Friday, April 8, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

I have a run with Kara tomorrow! I feel like a "real" blogger because I am actually meeting someone I have met through blogging in person! I will be doing my first long trail run - about 14.5 miles, aka about 10.5 miles longer than my longest trail run ever. But Kara says she's bringing double stuff oreos, which means I should have gotten into trail running way earlier if these are the perks involved. A few concerned friends are worried that I will actually find myself in the woods with a creepy old man, and one pointed out that when people meet on online dating sites, they take care to meet in a public place first surrounded by other people, not in the middle of the woods.

The amount of food and water I'm bringing is like I'm headed into the woods to camp for 3 days, not run for 3 hours. It's a two hour drive, plus I am going straight to volunteer at packet pickup for a race I am doing Sunday (sorry runners, I'm not showering). So I am leaving at 6am and getting home around 6pm, which leaves lots of eating time.  I still really don't think normal people haul coolers around with them all the time but my special combination of loving to eat constantly + hate having to pay for things makes it necessary.

Today I followed by usual Friday morning routine of substituting grad work for exercise exercising my mind, not my body (doesn't that sound totally yogini??). I came to the conclusion with the help of a friend that I suck at BSing things, which is why grad work is taking over my life. Can anyone provide me with some tips or a webinar or something on how to improve my BSing?

Haven't done fill in the blank friday in forever!
Thanks, Lauren!
  1. Something that makes me a great friend is  I'm not embarrassed to break out awesome dance moves wherever I am even though I should be so you can guarantee you'll be able to laugh at me no matter how bad your mood is. Similarly I post videos of myself in ice baths on facebook which at least two people have told me cheered them up on bad days.
  2.  I am  a weird combination of super type A + complete lack of organization. Pretty sure those two things usually go together so I totally don't get it. Like I need to know exactly what time we are going to dinner 4 weeks from now but can't find a recipe for tonight because they are mixed in with a giant unrelated stack of books and papers that's actually a fire hazard.
  3. I am not  a morning person. Those who know me best know not to talk to me if the clock says am and I am either running or holding a cup of coffee. Many are fooled because I am, in fact, an early riser, but much like the oxymoron in the above question, these two do not go hand in hand for me either.
  4. If I had to describe myself in 3 words, they would be  cheap, sarcastic, emotional. But I consider those all positives.
  5. Something I'm really cheap about is  Um, how about everything, except running shoes, because I'm not cheap enough to risk injury. Also produce, because I don't care what magazines say, frozen is not as good as fresh and I love me some fresh broccoli.
  6. Something I'm willing to splurge on is  Oh oops I keep answering the questions in previous questions. I've already actually erased a bunch of stuff. Well here's another one I might buy clothes at Goodwill (I said might) but I'll spend $6 for frozen yogurt in a heartbeat. I also haven't really found a way to make races any cheaper, although I did win a free entry to the Baltimore Marathon.
  7. I would trade women's lib  for being a stay at home wife  in a heartbeat. Ok, maybe not really, but I am really really ready for spring break and totally over this spending all my time at a job thing! 
I need to go rest up for the am - to either run with Kara in the am or defend myself from a gross old pervert's advances!

My husband came home from Costco and said he had a surprise for me, and said surprise caused me to get super excited. Can you guess what it was? 

And would you ever run into the woods with a stranger blog friend you had not yet met in real life?


  1. Have fun you two! Have a double stuff oreo (or 2) for me!

  2. I met Kara in college and we've hung out before. I can attest to the fact that she's a safe person to be stuck in the woods with :) good luck and enjoy your Oreos!

  3. Hahah, when you put the question like that, it makes it sound like you might be meeting up with a serial killer! Cracks me up. Good luck on your run!!

    I'm cheap about everything but running shoes too, it drives Mike crazy at the grocery store when I'm hunting for bargains!

  4. Weird, I never really though about this before, but I am a cheapie for everything -- running shoes and vegetables included -- EXCEPT for frozen yogurt. what's up with that? I guess we all justify it as so delicious that it's worth it.

    who doesn't dream of being a stay-at-home-mom? I know my boyfriend does. For real!

  5. Just found your blog :)
    #2 was cracking me up. It is weird, but I totally get it.

    Also I will shell out big bucks for Sweet Green frozen yogurt.

  6. Have fun tomorrow! I think if she is bringing Double Stuffed Oreo's your pretty safe! :o)


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