Sunday, April 24, 2011

I hate thinking of titles so Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Last night I returned to the scene of the crime where spring break began. 
Eric and I had tickets to go see my friend Eileen in The Great American Trailer Park Musical. Turns out the theater was less than a mile from Tabor Ethiopian, where I ate my face off last week, so this was the perfect opportunity to eat my face off there again with Eric (we have been obsessed with finding a good Ethiopian place in B-more). 
If the name of the play doesn't tell you enough, the play was hysterical and Eileen and her husband were amazing in it. We loved the music too.
Here's how I found my hot date when I woke up at 7:30 to go for my run. 
He doesn't read the blog so I can post tons of embarrassing pictures of him and he'll never even know it, unless someone tells him, which they probably will, but chances are he still won't read it.

This morning I met Mike at Loch Raven Reservoir for a ten mile run. The one time I didn't bring my camera the sun was shining and the views were absolutely gorgeous. We met there specifically for the hills. In ten miles, we climbed 2433 feet. It was intense, but last time I ran there I was in denial that I had bronchitis, so this run actually felt way easier with the use of my lungs. We kept a good pace considering the hills and I am now obsessed with taking pictures of my Garmin.

When I got home I had coffee and breakfast on the patio, in shorts and a tank top, while reading The Kitchen House (which BTW I could never finish in a day, I am way too slow of a reader), and was basically in heaven.

One cool thing about biking is you don't have to worry about your stomach and obsess over the right foods to eat like running. I took my last bite of oatmeal and last sip of coffee and wheeled my new BFF out. I think my bike needs a name.

Eric and I did 5.68 miles around our neighborhood (climbing 492 feet, trust me it felt like a lot), although maybe I should mention I refuse to talk on the bike because 100% of my energy goes in to staying upright, and I should definitely mention that I kicked his a$$ on the uphills. 
He's not coming off too well in this post so maybe I should also mention I do consider him to be the world's best husband, partly just for putting up with me.
Last Monday we did a 15 minute upper body workout that we swore we'd do every night. Well we completely failed at that over spring break but we swore now that we are back to our regular routines we will start. 

5 sets of 30 jumping jacks, 15 pushups, 10 sit ups (not crunches) as fast as you can. This time I did 68/75 pushups on my toes.

Then 4 sets of holding myself on the bar for me and actual push ups for Eric. I did the first two sets with my wrists facing me and the second two with them faced away, apparently it works different muscles. I held the first two for 20 seconds, and the second two for 12 and 11. Someday I WILL do a pull up!

It hurts less if you take ridiculous pictures. If you want a 15 minute workout that will leave you sore for at least 3 days, DO THIS.

 No joke - this is what I looked like when I came down after 20 seconds. Longest 20 seconds of your life.


  1. Pull-ups and chin-ups are mega hard!
    That Ethiopian food looks amazing!

  2. Look at those muscles!! woohoo!

  3. Mike is trying to get me to do pullups, but they terrify me!

    I hope you love the mexican lasagna! It's sooooo good. We actually put the one I made yesterday in the freezer to deliver later in the week, but I kind of want to eat it that mean?

  4. Woah, look at those guns!! Do you have a license for those? :)

    I know so many people like it, but I just can't do Ethiopian food. I swear my dog vomits Ethiopian food. Maybe I could sell it here in BFE if I served it with bread?


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