Friday, April 1, 2011

Love my BFFs and my BFFs' BFFs

I love how after finishing a marathon I'm all pumped up on myself and thinking how awesomely in shape I am, and then I do some types of non running exercises and am reminded that using any muscles that aren't for running is SO HARD! I went to bed last night super excited to go to spin and then about 34 seconds in realized "wow, if I'd remembered how hard this was, I would have considered staying in bed". I used to go every Wednesday religiously but my new gym only has morning spin class on Friday, which is generally the day before my long run, and my legs are too wimpy for all of that. The class was only 45 minutes but my heart rate was in the high 170s/180s the whole time and it was INTENSE, but I loved it.

I have all sorts of wonderful things to say about people now, which I know is unusual for me, so feel free to stop reading if you are just here for sarcasm. 

After school I'm heading down to North Carolina for my BFF Nicole's bachlorette party and bridal shower! As with any event that requires me to stay up past 9:30 pm and ignore my Grandma instincts, I get a little nervous I can't handle it, but I've been excited about this for months so I think I'll power through. I can't really say too much but between the other bridesmaids, plus a whole bunch of other friends who aren't in the wedding party, this event will be Epic. To all my young readers who maybe are about to or have recently graduated from college, I really recommend making sure you like all of your friends' friends, because when the time comes for events like these, it makes a huge difference. Nicole has amazing friends that have super cool talents, so both planning with them and partying with them this weekend will be awesome. 

 Here we are when Nicole got engaged - left to right Melissa, Lauren, Nicole, Kim (who is hosting the whole shower!)....the person who has the INCREDIBLY important job of baking is missing from this picture.
 Bridesmaid Emma and MOH/sister Jodi (couldn't find a pic of the other bridesmaid)
As for my other wonderful BFF's, I don't know what I would have done during this insane week if Carolyn hadn't completely taken care of the gift, and Casi stepped in to drive (I was supposed to) when I started to panic that I was going to fall asleep at the wheel by 8pm (I have a stick, so no one can jump in for me if I need a break).LOVE them both for it.
I have plenty of cute pictures of us where we are dressed up and stuff that I could have used, but I like this one.

Eric deserves an award for finding and offering to go pick up penis straws for me (I can post this, the bride knows about them) when I had a complete mental breakdown after calling regular stores and sex toy shops all day attempting to locate them. I ended up going since my tutoring session was canceled, but he was totally ready to do it.
I promise to think of all of you who are racing this weekend when I am rolling out of bed airmattress on hotel floor at some ridiculously late time Sunday morning!


  1. Hahah, I had to ignore my grandma instincts last weekend, but I was able to power through! So can you!! You're going to have an awesome weekend!

    For my two days off from running I've been considering some kind of light cross training, but I can't figure out anything that isn't going to make me feel wimpy because it doesn't involve running muscles.

  2. So funny! I, too, suffer from grandma syndrome and had to rally hard a few weekends ago to stay up late while out with friends. It was worth it (although recovery is MUCH slower these days ;)).

    Have a great time!

  3. I have the grandma instincts too. I'm embarassed to say I was in bed asleep BEFORE 8 on Tuesday. I was exhausted.
    So sweet of his to be willing to pick up your penis straws! : ) He would have got some interesting looks, I'm sure!
    I agree about being friends with your friends friends. It makes life so much easier! Hope you have so much fun!!!

  4. I have to resist grandma instincts too... recently we were invited to our friends' house at 10pm. I was like "that's what time it *starts*??" We sucked it up and went to be social. I may have taken a nap before hand.


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