Friday, April 29, 2011

What makes running in Baltimore even scarier?

You guys can all go thank Kara for that title. I hate thinking of them, as we all know, so I love suggestions.

I would have done this post earlier but I've been really  busy with the royal wedding. Setting the DVR, going to bed early, getting up early, and trying to explain to your husband why you care 492 times really takes up a lot of time. You're welcome, Will and Kate.
I was in heaven this morning, I loved Kate's dress, I loved Pippa's dress (but why was it white?) and thought the whole thing was fantastic. Although I'm not sure about the whole "every wedding is a royal wedding thing"....mine was pretty awesome, but I don't exactly remember it being internationally televised, or a canopy outside the hotel so that no one could get an advance look of my priceless specially made designer dress, or having Elton John there, etc, etc...anyone else catch that quote?

So anyway, yesterday morning I did my first virtual race. Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat, was giving away free entries to She Runs LA, and I got one. You basically run 6.2 miles in a certain time frame and they mail you your tank top.
It's freakin adorable and I'm pretty upset that mine hasn't arrived yet.

I headed out in beautiful, calm, 60 degree dry weather. About three quarters of a mile in, I saw that teeny tiny flash that makes you wonder, was that lightening? Or maybe I just blinked? Then the sky completely lit up, at which point it was pretty clear it WAS lightening, followed about a split second later by a huge thunderclap. My very next step was a turn back towards home, and I figured I could finish the run on a treadmill at the YMCA. I got about three more steps before the skies completely let loose and I was running in a full on thunderstorm. I've run in snow, ice, below freezing temps, rain, heat, etc, but a thunderstorm is the one type of weather I really try to avoid. Then probably a minute or so after that, it was down to a slight drizzle, and the thunder and lightening were done. So the rest of the run was totally uneventful. Until I got home and saw a tornado warning flashing across the TV screen. So I guess I'm lucky I wasn't sucked up like Dorothy.

 My hand is showing 6.2....obvi
I still need to watch the kiss on the DVR (can you believe today wasn't a national holiday?? there is so much more wedding coverage I could have spent the day watching. I thought England was our ally, we could be a bit more supportive). Plus there's that little half marathon I'm running in the morning to prepare for.


  1. I hate getting caught in thunderstorms. Super scary.

    I was lucky enough to work from home today so I was glued to the TV while I (sorta) worked. It should have been a national holiday!

    What half are you doing tomorrow? Good luck!

  2. Running in thunderstorms is scary!
    I may be one of the few people in the world who wasn't too fussed about the wedding. Caught a bit on the news and that was enough!
    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. lol, I'm not going to lie, I didn't watch the wedding. I did look up pics online when i got to work, though.

    Whoa, way to brave the elements for the run! You're hard core!

  4. I love the idea of a virtual 10K. I didn't know you were doing a half this weekend, I would have totally tried to run it with you. I need to find a local-ish half marathon since my last half was 2:16 and I'm pretty sure I can beat that now.

    I've never been caught in a thunderstorm, but that may be because I always check the weather radar (oh the lessons that a pilot can teach you) before I leave the house. :)


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