Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday (and then some)

I am dying to post because I want to show off my new layout. I did speedwork that I cut a bit short because my foot hurt and we didn't go biking because it was pouring and someone spent all morning working on a blog header instead of grad work. Not naming names though.

The bike scared me so much I forgot to post about Boston yesterday and apparently that is unheard of in the blog world. I did actually sort of follow it. We were supposed to go and cheer on my friend who is running it, but that didn't work out :(. 
 My super fast friend Rachel. One time we ran together when I was doing a tempo run and she was doing an easy run. I could barely keep up.

She did awesome though, and then I dreamt we were hanging out and she was wearing her jacket and I was totally jealous. Then I dreamt I could run a 4:30 mile (the winner's average pace), I mean half mile, I mean quarter, I mean just kidding, even in my dreams I couldn't do a half mile at that pace.

I wanted to participate in Janae's triple tangent tuesday because I'm in love with her, but I seriously can never think of tangents, which is really weird because I am so weird, I should have plenty of weirdo things to share. So I decided to find three random pictures and post about them.

And by three I meant as many as I want.

 One time Nicole had a 90s party. Best idea ever. These outfits are from Goodwill, but Casi and I actually were friends in the 90s and actually dressed much like that. She was smart enough to save her Smashing Pumpkins shirt for just such an event. I am making sure my kids save their outfits from every decade for future theme parties.
 Sometimes I like to wear giant purple leopard cowboy hats in bed. Honestly I don't remember ever taking this picture but it seemed to fit this post pretty well. Behind me is Nicole's school picture. Every year that we have been teaching we mail each other our school pictures in unmarked envelopes and post each others somewhere in our houses. Yep, best tradition ever.

Danielle asked about the birthday relay races my family participated in. 

Last year was the First Annual Roberts/Lindsey/Miller Birthday Bonanza.

My mom, brother, and sister all have August birthdays. Then Eric married in with his August birthday and all his fellow Augusters were all excited.  2010 was huge because in a matter of 3 days, Darcy would turn 21 and Eric would turn 30. All this excitement led to the creation of birthday bonanza.

Eric and I headed to Rochester on the Wednesday before Darcy's friday birthday. It all started with The French Toast Off.

This was actually unrelated and stemmed from my mom and I both happening to try new french toast recipes recently. Everyone tried half a serving of each and voted, Survivor style. It was very dramatic.
 The big winner:
Lesson learned: no matter how good a "lightened up" recipe is, it will never beat a full fat recipe in a cook off, and you are never going to beat your mom in a cook off anyway, but you should still try because it means you get to eat tons of delicious french toast.
The next day was Darcy's birthday and it was time for the birthday games to begin.

#1: Cupcake decorating contest

 Let's just note the hat she was wearing around the house at like noon.
The winner: Eric!
 #2 Water Balloon Toss

 #3 Who can carry the lit cupcake the furthest?
The winner: Vince!

And that's how we celebrate in my family, at least from 2010 on. 

What crazy tradition do you have with your friends or family?


  1. hahaha. the birthday relays sound pretty awesome! Hope your foot feels better soon!

  2. I like the new blog look!

    I love your purple pimp hat, you should wear that for the Warrior Dash :)

  3. I'm on a huge cupcake-craving kick, and now I really want one! Did you get to eat them after you decorated them? Because if not, that's just cruel!

  4. Love the new look! LOVE the relays. That's so awesome!

  5. hahaha your comment aboubout cake balls killed me. she was acting like they were super easy, so i have no idea how she made them.

  6. Cute page! Ummm...I have no family traditions anymore! Sad sad story.


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