Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Vince!

Today is my stepfather/arguably most loyal blog reader's birthday!
Vince and my mom met when I was 12 (really wish I had a picture!), but he didn't officially join our family until 12 years later, on August 14, 2007.
Although obviously we are related through marriage, not blood, we have many eerie similarities that no one else in the family share. This leads us to wonder if we truly are related. On a different note, it took me three tries to misspell "eerie" close enough to the actual spelling so the spellchecker could help me.
Some examples of these similarities:
1. An afternoon at Goodwill is an afternoon in heaven. Who knows what you could find?
We would totally wait in this line.
2. Someone giving you an innocuous compliment ("hey, I like that shirt") is an opportunity for you to tell them about the great deal you found on it. 
3. We like things very specific, so much so that it's become a bonding point with my mom and Eric. (Ex. "I told you to use the fresh thyme, not the dried thyme on the fish!" That would be a quote from me, not Vince.)
4. We both love our ice cream.
 Matching ice cream makers for Christmas - mine gets tons of use

Of course, he also has some traits that I don't share but I wish I did: 
1. He knows everything about everything and on the odd occasion he doesn't know something, he knows exactly who to go to to find out and will have the answer within minutes.
2. If you need anything he'll go through great lengths to make it happen no matter what, and it will usually end up being 10 times better than you even wanted.
Ex. My wedding - he did SO MUCH to make it amazing!

3. He's an awesome photographer and even though taking pictures when he's not working is like me teaching phonics on the weekends, he'll still do it so we always have awesome family photos!

He celebrated with my mom at Dinosaur BBQ tonight
(upstate NY readers you can appreciate that!)

He's really good at birthday relay races.
 Also a fantastic marathon spectator.
Happy Birthday, Vince! Thanks for being such an excellent stepdad and loyal blog reader!

Other random facts
1. I lost my phone and I have a field trip tomorrow.
2. I went to Body Pump today - someday I'll get ripped
3. My husband told me to "fix my face" at brinner tonight...sure sign spring break is WAAAAAY too late this year.


  1. Birthday relay races?!?! I need to know more about this!
    You haven't had Spring Break yet? ahhh. Someone would be having to tell me to "fix my face" too! I'm counting down until summer break. 28 full days and 3 half days. HECK YES!

  2. Umm dinosaur bbq? can you believe i live in syracuse & have never been there?! ah!! happy birthday vince!!!

  3. If my husband told me to "fix my face" it would have to be on the phone because he knows better than to say that in person :)

  4. Happy birthday to your stepdad! This was a seriously fun post!

  5. What an amazing birthday wish! Happy Birthday to your stepdad.

  6. aww, what a nice post! happy birthday vince!

    btw, you look gorgeous in the wedding pic...i love your dress!

  7. Vince sounds pretty awesome, you sold me. I want a Vince. AND I want you to post about the various things you've made with your ice cream maker

    p.s. for the longest time I was the blogger/reader who never ever won giveaways. I think I'm going to have to rig a giveaway one day and make sure you's your time!


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