Saturday, April 23, 2011

My husband is the world's deepest sleeper

I'm back! It's been a busy few days/lots of typing for my project few days which = I don't feel like staring at the screen and typing more on the blog. But then I miss it. It's a complicated relationship.

  1. Visiting Gram in PA! Eric and I drove up while my mom and Vince drove down and we all hung out with Gram on Wednesday and Thursday. She's basically taken over the hospital and has everyone at her beck and call. She's one of those people that always knows what to say in every situation to get people laughing, diffuse tension, and ultimately make everyone around her feel comfortable and cheerful, and it's pretty much impossible not to like her. Obviously my mom inherited that trait 100%, and then the gene pool let me down, passing me the serious anxiety trait instead, which is now unleashing itself full force on the bike.
  2. Going to a clinic for Irongirl Triathlon given by all sorts of pro (in my mind) triathlete women with tons of good tips to get ready. They gave away awesome prizes, most worth over $100, but I didn't win. They also had made to order crepes, but they only had meat fillings. Good times though.
  3. Eric fell asleep on top of the covers in the hotel in PA. This shows me and my mom literally using all our strength to attempt to pull them out from under him, while he peacefully sleeps. After Vince took that picture he joined us and was able to yank the blankets out. Eric remembered none of this the following morning.
  4. Baking bread – I am obsessed with my breadmaker. This is whole wheat that's almost gone already and I made cinnamon raisin last night.
  5. Speaking of food, I made a mole burger from KathEats last night. Mole is a Mexican hot sauce with cocoa powder in it, and I've always wanted to try it. This wasn't exactly the same thing but it was really good, a very unusual flavor. I recommend trying it if you are into weird foods that most other people think are gross.
  6. Made cinnamon almond/pecan/walnut butter (just now, actually).
  7. Called in the professionals (Vince) and learned to take a picture of my Garmin!
    Ya.... don't look at the time....LOTS of walk breaks!
  8. Seeing Water for Elephants –
    loved the book,
    loved the movie. 
  9. My mom got me an awesome Easter basket with my new favorite - a chocolate covered peep! 
    If you are in the .19% of the population who like peeps and in the sane part of the population that is obsessed with chocolate, you will love it. She got Eric one too, but that was gone within 24 hours. I like to feel superior because I supplement my Easter candy with ice cream so it lasts longer. 
That about brings us up to speed. Did Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones (with the usual crying, cursing, and screaming in pain) with 30 minutes elliptical Wednesday, went for a 7 mile tempo run along a river in PA on Thursday, and Friday was a rest day.

I just did a 17 mile run with Mike and Lily, to train for my upcoming 50k race. We were super lucky it didn't rain, considering it poured on the way to and from the run.

I didn't know it at the time, but I risked my life changing clothes in a McDonalds before driving home from the run. The girl in the black is a student at my husband's school. Middle school.
I have a hilly ten miler planned tomorrow so I took my third ice bath when I got home. Eric couldn't believe how fast I got in, and said my reaction was now too boring and was not longer interested in videotaping every ice bath (I didn't really know that was the plan, but....). I think I am actually getting used to them. 
(I'm wearing a bathing suit, family).

Ice bath followed by stretching, foam rolling, shower, and compression socks. The whole 9 yards.

We have a hot date planned for tonight!


  1. So many things in this post make me jealous of your life. Homemade bread, nutbutter, Water for Elephants, and Easter Basket. I think we should be friends.

  2. Chocolate covered Peeps sound amazing and I have no idea how I haven't found them sooner!
    I could take some tips from you with the ice bath...I'm a wimp and can only manage a cold shower. Baby steps!

  3. ooo, lots of little interesting things going on in this post!

    I love peeps, but not chocolate, putting me in some sort of minority of the population. I love my bread maker (cinnamon raisin sounds brilliant). My boy sleeps crazy deep. I tried to make nut butter once and failed, even though we left the food processor on for 20 minutes. I ran 17 miles last Tuesday?

    I've never iced before. Oh my gosh it looks painful

  4. Aww, why you gotta be hating on the peeps like that? Those little chics never did anything to you. But those chocolate peeps. Holy shiizz they are good. The regular milk choc is the best but I have dark choc on my desk right now and I've gone through my share of raspberry and mint ones.

    LOL to the Eric picture. Your hubs entertains me to no end. I'm sure he thinks I'm creepy because of that.

    Oh, and forgot to mention that I love the new blog look! :-)

  5. My husband is such a light sleeper. Unless the baby is crying, then I'm halfway sure he's just pretending to sleep. :)

    I'm jealous of your Easter basket. I know what happens if you put a Peep in the microwave, but I wonder what happens if you put a chocolate covered peep in the microwave???


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