Sunday, April 3, 2011

I didn't turn into a grandma!

So I was going to start this blog post whining about how I am not recovered yet from the marathon and my 11.2 mile run with Carolyn with super slow yesterday, but then I thought showing ridiculously ugly pictures of me dancing might be more entertaining.

To review, after work on Friday, Carolyn, Casi and I headed down to North Carolina to celebrate the fact that our friend Nicole is getting married next month. Yesterday was a wild day of massive amounts of food, dancing, purple, and adult beverages.
 The shower - the classy part of the day.
And here's the transformation to the bachlorette portion - a different look.
Nicole wanted to get a sundae bar for her wedding, but the logistics didn't work out (not sure why but maybe something about caramel sauce + wedding dress didn't add up?) so I thought maybe we could surprise her with one at her shower. Her love for chocolate and ice cream is probably the closest to mine of anyone I know.

We had a questionaire of Nicole trivia for guests to fill out, and had previously posed the questions to her fiance, Mike, as well as had him answer some questions about himself. 
Amazing, Fabulous Bridesmaid Emma (above) turned it into a hilarious DVD.

 We asked Nicole questions and then got to make fun of her if her answer's didn't match Mike's.

I got all the toppings for the sundae bar on Tuesday, and I was really proud of myself for not eating any and bragged about it to everyone I came in contact with. Turns out maybe I should have shut my mouth because I was not so successful with avoiding the leftovers and now my stomach hurts. 

Nicole is a bride after my own heart and wanted her bachlorette party to include her wearing ridiculous item that Spencer's had to offer while dominating the dance floor and meeting random men. It also wouldn't have been complete without a wild checklist of crazy stunts to complete.

I was so excited for this night that I started working on her checklist the day after she got engaged last June, true story.
Nicole's sister Jodi, the MOH, brought vodka infused chocolate whipped cream and served it over graham cracker crumbs with chocolate chips. 
Illegal in 14 states. And now we know why.
I won't get too into details on the internet and all, but it was a fabulous night and now all of Raleigh, North Carolina is familiar with my rockin dance skills. 

Last night we saw a Bruegger's Bagels (the BEST bagel place that seems to hate Maryland and refuses to open a chain there) so the only obvious choice was a photo shoot that included the address to rush back there for breakfast in the morning.
Most of today was spent in the car but I was shockingly productive and did grad work, as well as ALL my report card comments while Casi was nice enough to drive the entire way home. I also unpacked the second I got home, as oppose to returning from Virginia Beach when I was staring at my suitcase for weeks...

I'll leave you with the photographic evidence:

I am the world's tiredest person right now but it was soooo worth it!


  1. Looks like you had a blast!! I'm cracking up at the ruler!
    Hope you get good rest and you're ready to go tomorrow! : )

  2. Love the pictures- looks like you had a blast!! & umm breuggers is my favorite- I have two within 5 miles from my house- it's kinda dangerous.

  3. I wonder if my 1st grade teacher did my report comments while driving home from a penis straw party :)

    I need your list of crazy stunts and all the info on where to buy that crazy penis headband. I'm planning a party too!

  4. Seriously LOVING your bachelorette dress. Also, I want a sundae bar!!

    I love your comment about eating cereal instead of going out. I burst out laughing. Luckily I'm working from home this morning and only scared the dog.

  5. Looks like you had a fun night out!!
    That ice cream sundae bar looks awesome and makes me want one... I've never heard of vodka infused whipped cream! (But have heard of whipped cream flavored vodka). Hope you were able to get bagels for breakfast!

  6. Tis the season! I'm going to a bachelorette in vegas in a few weeks...I might steal some of these ideas...especially the ones that include sugar...


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