Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am officially an ice bath and yoga convert, despite what the video might indicate. I can't believe how good I feel today. I noticed as soon as I woke up, because getting out bed didn't hurt! I made Eric stop getting ready for work so he could watch me walk around the living room and sit down and stand back up like a normal person. I got on the floor with the kids, no problem. 

Last night I went to yoga, and I went again today after work. Last night was a bit rough, getting up and down and into the poses hurt and I was totally out of breath from doing, um, basically moving. Today after work I went to a much more challenging class and I am happy to report I could do every pose with no pain! It's like a miracle! I feel more like I decided to throw a few unexpected free weight moves into my gym routine than like I ran a marathon two days ago. Ice baths are officially my new post long run routine. Hold me to that.

Obviously now I'm super hyped up on adrenaline and can't wait for my next race and want to sign up for every single race on the east coast, but I'm trying to restrain myself. I also want to go run a million miles right now but I'm holding off on that too. I'll try to satisfy my runner's high with a short swim tomorrow morning (got to prepare for that triathlon in August!).

I complain a lot so I wanted to counteract that by saying I had a great day at school today. TWO parents of former students happened to be in the building, and both gave me really sweet compliments and totally made my day (as if my head isn't big enough at this point....).

Do you get crazy runner's highs after races?


  1. I always sign up for new races in the time right BEFORE a race, so after a race I just get all nuts and make Excel spreadsheet training plans :)

    Ice baths are the best for recovery, but man they do suck while you're taking them!

  2. I haaaaaate ice baths. You're 23092 times tougher than me!! Glad it helped you.

    I can't wait to sign up for another race after I just get finished running. I'm so exhausted but pumped about doing it again.

  3. That's awesome that you aren't sore! I'm planning some serious ice bath action for after my races too!


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