Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's all going to be ok.....

.....because the 50K will be a Miller race. 

Since we are now BFFs for life, I friended Kara on Facebook and discovered we share the same maiden name. I revert back to it whenever I feel like it (usually when I'm with my sister) I am so excited about this and am now totally calm about the race and feel confident I can do it. For the Baltimore Ten Miler, we used sharpies to change our race bibs to say Baltimore Ten Miller and refused to refer to the race as anything else.

Yes, this is what I am basing my confidence on, not training plans or nutrition or hydration or anything like that. This is way more important.

Eric came home and I yelled "guess what?!??! the 50K is going to be fine because guess what Kara's maiden name was???"

Eric "K!!!" no "Trail!!" no "ultra!!!!" no "well I know it can't be 50...."


I have been excited to go to Bikram after the marathon for weeks now. I guess the reason I spaced out my 5 visits (purchased through livingsocial) so much is that if I put them close enough together to remember how tortuous it was, I wouldn't go back.

It was really weird today, being so excited to go to Bikram but knowing that once I got there it would suck and I'd be wondering why I was torturing myself. It was more tortuous than ever, and I was seeing spots and seriously thinking I might black out. I just kept thinking "did I give emergency contact info when I signed up for this crap?". It was all good though, I survived the class and felt great after, as per us.

In other exciting news, I can finally announce I am moving to third grade next year! It's been a fun four years in first grade but I'm ready for a change. Change scares me almost as much as dogs do, but I'll do my best.

Signs of a perfect marriage:
Eric "Sorry I didn't put away the laundry"
Alyssa "Sorry I sweated so much at Bikram that I considered it my shower"

And that concludes the most random blog post ever.

What do you do to torture yourself in the name of fitness? Right now I am trying to decide which is tougher, Bikram or an ice bath....


  1. I can't handle an ice bath. We used to have to get in after track workouts in high school and I passed out. Twice.

    YAY for 3rd grade!! I did half of my student teaching in 3rd and loved it. And of course 4th is pretty fabulous, too! Hope you enjoy it!!

  2. If my maiden name was Ultra, you can bet your bottom dollar that I wouldn't have changed it! I love his guesses :)

    3rd grade, woohoo! Does that mean you'll eventually teach the same kids again as this year? I hope you like them enough for that :P

  3. hahahaha, you convo with the husband cracks me up.

  4. You are so much tougher than me. I can't do Bikram or ice baths.

    I'm really excited about your ultra. I did one 6 mile trail race a few months ago and it nearly killed me, so you have street cred in my book.


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