Sunday, March 13, 2011

Houston, we have a problem

The forecast for Virginia Beach on marathon day has changed. It's still a week away so I'm trying not to freak out but its still scary.

My 5K is at 1:15 today. Weird, right?

My plan for the morning: wake up early, finish my grad work, do some other work, clean the house, maybe even get started on cooking for the week, so I wouldn't have too much to do before the race.

What actually happened: stayed at game night way too late, went to bed late, slept late, drank coffee, read blogs, worked on my marathon playlist. I'm still taking suggestions, by the way. 

What's going to happen: I'll come home from the race and be pissed at myself that I still have a ton of stupid crap to do.

Are you a huge procrastinator or would you have gotten to bed early and had everything done early in the morning?


  1. Hugee procrastinator!! I totally would have slept in. I have 3 papers due tmrw & I have yet to start them. Hello caffine dayy! Good luck at your race!!

  2. I am the biggest of big procrastinators... I am procrastinating right now. And even though I am admitting I am procrastinating right now I am finding I have no intention whatsoever of getting to my things any time soon!!!

  3. Hope the weather clears up for you! And i'm a big time always kicks my ass.

  4. I'm not a procrastinator about my personal life, but at work i totally am! Hope the weather report changes!!

  5. Procrastination is my middle name.

  6. My husband who is an amateur weatherman since he's a pilot, says that it's too far away to accurately predict the weather. By Thursday you should have a better idea.

    I've never heard of an afternoon race, but I like the idea!!

  7. Huge procrastinator here! I'd be obsessing about the weather a week in advance, too...Hope that rainstorm disappears from the forecast!


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