Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I know, you are blown away my the originality of my title. Here's a secret. My race shirt says "Cheer for me, I'm Irish". I'm not really Irish. I mean maybe a little bit, but not as much as the red hair would lead you to believe. But I'll do anything to get extra fan support. My stepfather, Vince, is actually Irish (his mother was born there) and we joke that we are secretly blood related, because we are eerily alike. Example: NO ONE else in my family thinks spending an afternoon at Goodwill is fun. So that's Irish enough for me.

I'm a bit sad I won't be celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year, but I knew what I was doing when I signed up for this race. No beer, no matter how green, will taste as good as coming across the finish line with a new PR, especially since I hate beer anyway. I've had some fun in years past.

Moral of the Story:
When you find an outfit that works for a specific holiday, don't switch it up. You better believe that hat is coming with me to school today.

I started out my morning with an easy three mile run, average 10:06 pace. I wanted to do it music - less, but I didn't get my new headphones until yesterday, because USPS will leave $90 running shoes at my door, no problem, but $10 headphones need a signature. Even though they were the exact same brand as before, I obviously had to test them out because there might be some sort of defect in this particular pair, and I CAN'T TAKE THAT CHANCE. Headphones are essential to marathon success. By the way, I love them and highly recommend them. They are called skullcandy. The only earbuds that have ever remained in my ears. Eric says its because I bobble my head weirdly when I run.
I hope that even though I'm spending St. Patty's Day packing for the weekend, all of you out there are getting wild with green beer. Who has fun plans for tonight?

P.S. I'll be celebrating Sunday night for sure!


  1. I have wild plans of going to hot yoga tonight. I forgot that it was St. Patrick's day until I read this post :)

    I've looking forward to your 50K questions :)

  2. Ah! how sad is it that I totally forgot today was st. patrick's day! Yikes.

    Hopefully the new headphones won't have any defects and you'll be good to go this weekend! Good luck!

    p.s. I like running in the morning when it's light out because I feel like I should actually be awake then. But when it's dark, it's nearly impossible for me to haul myself out of bed.

  3. Yeah, no fun St. Pat's plans for me - and i AM Irish! Next year, i swear i am taking the day off work!

  4. No plans for me. No one needs a drunk girl on crutches. Disaster waiting to happen! I don't like beer either. Yuck.

    I have the SkullCandy headphones, too. LOVE them!!

  5. ooh, I think Hungry Runner girl loves those headphones too. I might get them, I haven't found a pair I love yet... the price is great!


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