Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slow track workout

I've been to not one, but TWO free yoga classes this week. 
I love you, google images.

The free yoga that I have been attending at my apartment complex, and now we have free yoga at my school, for teachers on Tuesday afternoons. I love free, I love things that I don't have to drive to, and I love yoga, so it's a winning combo. The more stretching the week before the marathon, the better.

I was looking forward to our last track workout all day today, I guess to see everyone one last time for that last little dose of support! The Shamrock Marathoners did a half mile warm up to the track, 2 miles at race pace, followed by one super slow mile, then back to the parking lot. It ended up being 5.14 total miles, which I realize doesn't add up, but it's what happened. 

My marathon goal pace is 9:50 and my first 3 miles had an average pace of 9:42, 9:47, and 9:48. I am horrible at pacing so that is awesome for me. I really wanted to get a feel for what my race pace felt like. Of course, it involved me obsessively checking my Garmin (similar to what I did to Virginia Beach weather today) but it worked. That just means I'll be my usual Garmin nazi self at the race. It felt so weird to run so slow at the track, where I am used to pushing it like crazy, but it was fun to actually get to talk at a track workout, not just use every ounce of energy to grunt words like "ice" to help your teammates avoid broken legs. 

Important decisions were made at the track tonight. I won't keep you in suspense. I'm starting to think all blog posts need numbered lists, so here you go.
1. Hydration - handheld water bottle to be switched for a disposable when I see Eric at mile 12. 
2. Nutrition - I'll take a Gu at mile 6, 11, 17, and 21. Two will be in the waterbottle zipper pouch and two will be pinned to my skirt.
3. Outfit - I'm wearing the green shirt from the Shamrock 5K last weekend, a running skirt, a long sleeve shirt, and fleece pants. I'll lose the pants right before the race starts, and toss my long sleeve shirt (it will be donated to Goodwill) when I warm up. Might do throwaway gloves too.

My weirdo super type A personality loves making lists and loves planning out the many minute marathon details.

I felt this post needed a visual.

One of my students asked if I had a race coming up this week because I was drinking so much water! She's my water girl and I guess she noticed I was sending her twice as much. I'll take that to mean I'm hydrating appropriately. That was followed up by another student randomly telling me I was skinny and a third raising his hand to ask how many coats I have. Yep, we're learning a lot in first grade....

Dear Virginia Beach weather report - please don't change!!


  1. LOVE that your weather report doesn't say showers anymore!! You're going to rock that race!
    I'm a fan of the numbered lists so you go ahead and number all of your posts!
    I only had to teach 2 days on crutches last week. Thank goodness for Spring Break this week!
    I'll be back at it next week. It was rough to not be able to move around as much as I usually do. I couldn't ever be one of those teachers that sits at the overhead and talks.

  2. Good luck on Sunday!! Can't wait to hear all about it :-)

  3. You are going to ROCK your Marathon! :o) Ok, I have always wanted to take Yoga at my gym, but I took a yoga class in college and I fell asleep while laying our backs and I was petrified! What if I fall asleep again! I mean don't get me wrong it was an 8:00 AM class, so that might have been my problem! I need something to help me stretch!

  4. Woohoo for no rain!!

    You are going to ROCK that marathon :)

  5. You are going to be seriously prepared! good luck!

    I like the lists

  6. LOL - yes, more lists! MORE!

    Is it weird I can't get enough pics of your husband? Yeah. It probably is.

  7. My brain works best with lists.

    Yes! Sunshine!

  8. Nice job with your pace miles at the track! And hooray for good weather this weekend, it looks PERFECT. I'm a list person too. Great picture of you and your husband!


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