Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meet my friends

Running makes me feel like this.
And it also makes creepy guys come over and drink Colt 45 behind me.

Not running makes me feel like this. You can imagine which one bronchitis made me feel like.

The longer I can't run, the more stressed I get, and the more irritable I get, and lets just say I fear for someone's life if I ever lose the ability permanently. I actually haven't been able to sleep all week, even though I'm exhausted from being sick, and I think that's why.

Today I went on a nice, easy, 3 mile run and I'm still here to blog about it hours later so I survived! I'm done with my antibiotics and I am going to knock on wood while I type this, but it sort of seems like things might be looking up.

I also did a bunch of hip strengthening exercises that I am supposed to do three times a week and have been majorly slacking on.

I left work totally ticked off and annoyed and now I feel so relaxed and happy. Thanks, running, I love you.

So the guy in the pictures is actually my friend Mike, who is marrying my BFF Nicole this May, so any references to working on Michelle Obama arms for an upcoming wedding refers to their nuptials.
Ahhhh, more love. It's beautiful.
 Mike is running the Shamrock Half the same day that I am running the full, and since I'm one to toot my own horn, I think my peer pressure had a pretty big part in that. Its his first half and he's already super fast. Nicole is running the Shamrock 8K with Eric the day before the marathon! I love being a spectator so I can't wait to cheer them on. This whole weekend will be a love fest. Sadly Mike and Nicole live in North Carolina, so our time together is limited. Luckily, the race is in Virginia Beach, which is right in the middle.

I think it might be time to introduce my loyal readers to the cast of characters that I might be mentioning. I think we're all familiar with the fam, so I'll move on to friends. That's your installment for today. Make sure to study, I'll be quizzing everyone later.

I considered cropping Mike out of the pictures but it was too funny to include him, and the Colt 45, which was shared by the entire party that night, BTW. The reason he, and the rest of my friends, were there that night was because Eric and I were celebrating our one year anniversary by recreating our wedding.

Just look at the real thing and the recreation. You can't even tell the difference.


  1. haha.. that's awesome!! I want to recreate our wedding! It's a great idea!!

    I hope your sickness is completely gone for good! And I'm so with you on the fearing for someone's life if I ever lost my ability to run. It would be rough, that's for sure!

    I have some friends who are running Shamrock. They tried to convince me to join them for the marathon, but I'm just not ready for it. I'm excited for you to post your race report so I can hear all about it!

  2. First, I MUST know where your bridesmaids got their dresses. I am supposed to find a purple bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding this summer, and I'm lazy enough to just ask you instead of doing the research. And I love those dresses.

    Second, wanna share your hip exercises on a post one day? I need to get my strong too, but generally fail at all sorts of smart, stretching type things.

    Third, I'm really glad you were able to catch some endorphins today. Go health!

  3. It's crazy how you feel when you can't run! My husband acknowledges how grumpy I am if I haven't run in 2-3 days. It was tough when I was sick around New Year's, I tried to at least get up and go for walks/easy runs. I was still so eager to run again.

    I like your wedding recreation. I have considered re-trying on my dress, but haven't. It's been hanging in its garment bag since it got cleaned post-wedding.

    Feel better soon! Sounds like you have a fun running-filled weekend coming up.

  4. I love your wedding dress and it's awesome that you got to wear it twice.

    When my husband was stationed down in VA Beach, I remember seeing the Shamrock marathon and thinking "Those people are nuts to run in this cold" lol.

  5. way to go on your three miler!! hope everything is back to normal!

  6. LOL - you guys are nuts. I love you blog. < ----- your greatest stalker. I think it's because you and your hubs remind me of me and my hubs. Hee!

  7. Your wedding dress is STUNNINg.

  8. Glad you're getting to run again and I hope you're feeling MUCH better.
    The wedding looked like so much fun, and I'm with everyone else. Your wedding dress is gorgeous! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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