Monday, March 14, 2011

Here's a contest that I want to win

So I really have nothing to say, and I am basically posting to let you all know about Danielle's giveaway. I highly suggest reading her blog because she is an awesome teacher and runner and you will love her. She's also an adorable redhead. But, just go read her blog, don't enter the giveaway, because I have never ever won one and I really want to.

Random Thoughts
1. We have two more days of state testing. The past 6 school days of 20 first graders on a crazy ridiculous schedule that they are not used to = hell. I may be able to survive two more days. Maybe.
2. My Stepdad taught me about screengrab. Download it, its a plug in (I think?) for firefox and its awesome. You just right click on whatever you want a screenshot of, and then you can crop the picture however you want and save it as a jpeg.
3. This morning my computer wasn't connecting to the internet, so I wrote a blog post and couldn't publish it. I tried to publish it on my Ipod (which mysteriously was connecting with no problems) and accidently hit "stats" which I didn't know existed. Turns out a person in India read my blog!

Things I am doing this week to prep for the marathon:
1. Tons of hydration, including one of those nuun tablets every day
2. Cutting waaaay back on mileage
3. Yoga - this week my apartment complex and my school have it for free, how awesome is that
4. Making tons of lists of stuff I need to bring so I don't forget anything
5. Attempting to figure out how to turn off the beep on my Garmin but I can't do it - in the last one I was like a half mile ahead of the mile markers because of all the weaving around the damn walkers, so it would beep to tell me I was at mile 24 but really I'd only be at mile 23.5 - really not cool
6. Eating lots of food - wait that's just a typical week for me
7. Reading tons of running blogs - wait that's every week too
8. Wearing flats with arch support only, and Thu and Fri wearing running shoes to work
9. Attempting 8 hours of sleep each night
10. Not wearing any makeup or bothering to do my hair for work - actually that's a typical week too but I'll pretend I have a good reason like so I can get extra sleep or something this week
11. Checking Sunday's weather every 44 seconds to see if it changed
Things other people do that I should be doing but I'm not
1. Eliminating caffeine - without coffee I'd strangle the first person who said "good morning" to me and then I'd be unable to run the marathon unless they let me out of jail for it
2. Eliminating or cutting way back on sugar - see above
3. Staying off my feet - not quite an option when teaching first grade
4. Doing tons of icing - couldn't find the ice packs in 7 seconds or less this morning due to a recent trip to Costco filling the freezer, so I gave up. Whoever said running marathons requires determination obviously never met me.
5. Compression socks - Running Buddy Jackie may be "borrowing" some from the hospital she works at and giving them to me tomorrow so this could change.

I guess we'll see how much the first list helps and how much I regret the second list come Sunday!

My crappy internet won't let me upload any photos. Lame.


  1. LOL - that's quite the post for having nothing to say. ;-)

  2. enlighten me -- what are Nuun tablets? You're gonna be solid. Caffeine is good for runners, and staying off your feet would make you feel all stiff on the big day, don't you think? The less I move, the stiffer I feel.

  3. I'm so excited for you to run this weekend! You better beat my time :)

    Cutting back on sugar before a marathon sounds like an awful idea. What fun is carb loading without cookies?

  4. Good luck on your marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good luck at your marathon! Shamrock was my first marathon 3 years ago!

  6. Just found your blog! I'm a teacher-runner too :) I definitely recommend compression socks! I LOVE my recovery socks--helped me soo much with the calf knots I got while training for my first half the past couple months!

    Good luck at the marathon!


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