Friday, March 25, 2011

It's a real race!

I just got in my first cardio since the marathon. 30 whole minutes on the elliptical, reading Runner's World, fantasizing about doing every race in there. As with my recovery from the Baltimore Marathon, I felt like it was much harder and more tiring than it normally would have been. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor because I didn't want to obsess over getting my heart rate up and how many calories I burned, I just wanted to move my legs, sweat a little, and go by how I felt. I'd imagine my heart rate was up there though, and it was by no means a challenging workout. I was planning to go to spinning, but my alarm never went off, which seems to be for the best. I'll have plenty of tough workouts coming up, might as well take Marie's advice and rest this week!

I got really excited when I saw a full page ad for the Northface Endurance Challenge, the 50K I am running in 9 weeks. I guess I'd pictured it as some tiny race in the middle of the woods. I am psyched that its a real race, with a magazine ad and everything!

I officially have four long trail runs on my calendar. Two with Kara, which I won't get into any more detail until they are completed, sorry potential serial killers who might want to follow two hot young teachers into the woods and destroy them. And two with Mike, who is pretty tough but I am still scared to elaborate on details. Also I don't know any details because I don't even know where a single trail is (well, ok I know the one I once ran on), which makes signing up for this race make total sense.

Monday we got home, were exhausted, and dropped our bags on the floor. This week has been crazy busy and everything is still where it is, plus that gave us permission not to put anything else away this week, since the house already looked like the one on The Middle. If you didn't watch this week, drop what you are doing and click the link, it's hilarious. We have another massively busy weekend coming up, and I haven't historically been successful attempting to do anything productive on Friday nights after work, but I intend to try.


  1. A full page ad? Wow, and to think I only heard of that race from a friend who did the 50 mile option last year. Maybe there will be trail ultra groupies there? I hope so!

  2. hahahaha, glad you signed up for a real race!

  3. I love The Middle! That episode was pretty funny. I also re-watched the rerun that came right after (with the social skills pageant...hahaha).

    You are so badass, doing a 50k! I'd love to do a trail race sometime, but you know, since I don't want to get my new sparkly white shoes muddy, I'd have to make sure it didn't rain right before :) Instead, I just run through the nearby park when I know it's not going to be *too* muddy.


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