Thursday, March 31, 2011

I shoot guns

I was going to wash my hair this morning, but I went for a run in the rain, so I figured that was basically the same thing. Right?

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was still incredibly sore from Body Pump on Monday, so I figured that meant it was working and went again. Moving has become difficult as a result, which leads me to believe I have a LOT of weak muscles. I really want to start going more regularly. Kari commented that she used to go three times a week and was jacked, and I'm in the same boat. I used to pile on the weight, although I'm happy to say I still used a decent amount. I'm not sure about the squats and lunges with training for the 50K though, I might have to keep those lighter. Darn. 

My tutoring session got canceled last night and I was really tempted to spend the entire two hours blissfully reading and commenting on blogs. Instead, I did the absolute minimum amount of cleaning necessary to give us a fighting chance of not being shut down by the health department. Now that I'm going out of town this weekend, I was forced to finally unpack from Virginia Beach so I had room to repack. This weekend is going to be epic though. It involves a bridal shower and bachlorette party for my BFF Nicole so I can't reveal too much, but I did start planning the day after she got engaged.

This morning I did four miles of rainy hills, average pace 9:27. As I was leaving I was barely awake and thought "I better keep the pace up or I'll make myself a liar on my blog!". Normal. I wish you could all come to my house and run these hills with me so you know I'm not lying when I say they are insane. That probably wouldn't work though since some people like RoseRunner who are super fast would be done with the run before I was done lacing up my sneakers. Seriously check out her blog for her amazing PR at the Oakland Half Marathon. And BTW, I looked all over it for her first name and couldn't find it - maybe it's a secret?

Speaking of Rose, she likes to include random pictures when she doesn't have any to post, so here's one to remind everyone that I can be scary when I want to be.


  1. BodyPump was the best confidence booster, when I was lifting more than the instructor, i thought I was the coolest. I was probably just jacked like a man though!

    Sadly Mike isn't running the race with me, but I've recruited a crowd to hang out with him and cheer for me :)

  2. Everything I'm reading about trail ultras actually says to lift heavy on legs, so pile on those weights!

    Love that last pic :)

  3. Ah, I'm smiling so hard -- a SHOUT-OUT! I love you :)

    You are a good sleuth!! My first name is NOT Rose...that's my middle name. I bet you could guess what my name is if you were looking on the Oakland results page! No one else got EXACTLY 1:30:00. Such a pretty number :)

    Hey, I used to tutor -- it was my full time job for a year out of undergrad! I loved it. working 1-on-1 with a student must be SO much easier than working with 20+ at once. Do you like tutoring?

    p.s. you ran a HECK of a lot faster than me today, since my hamstring hasn't let me run since Sunday. Boo. I've gotta learn a lesson from you and take better care of my muscles!


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