Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Remember the time like a half hour ago I posted that I was on a runner's high? Well Eric was too, and that lead to things getting crazy up here in the Lindsey house.

Eric just signed up for the Baltimore Ten Miler!! Every runner I know LOVES this race. I ran it last year with Casi and my sister on my birthday and we had an amazing time. Seriously every runner I know is signed up.

That's double his current distance record and I am SO excited he's running it! I am so proud of him - best birthday gift I could ever get, except chocolate.  BTW, remind me to update my emergency contact.

Between Eric running the race and Wicked, it's ALMOST like I don't even need frosting on my birthday.

Here's where things really get ridiculous. Kara posted that after her marathon her next big challenge is a 50K trail race I've been super secretly thinking of joining her. I emailed her about it and didn't tell anyone except Eric, and randomly, my friend Mike
(this one)

in a moment of bonding over pre-race nerves last week.

Running an ultramarathon is scary enough, but a trail race is an extra challenge and I've done exactly one in my life. For safety reasons, its best to run with someone, so I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to train enough because I'd have to rely on others to stay with me.

One time I didn't know what a trail run was until I was on one and then I thought I was going to die. Sometime last year I decided to do a run with a local running club so I met them for a trail run. I thought it meant a paved trail. I didn't know it meant jumping over tree branches, running through streams, and basically being in the middle of the woods where one wrong move means you turn into little red riding hood.

I mentioned it to Mike
(this one)

at around mile 2 of the marathon on Sunday. He's not really one to let ideas lay around, so naturally he called me today to tell me he'd already told our coach all about it (she's done several trail ultras) and she was making me a training plan. He also said she specifically told him that she wouldn't normally recommend it, but I was strong and she was confident I could do it, so she would allow it.

Meanwhile I'd been emailing back and forth with Kara and her enthusiasm was getting me super excited! She promised to do at least one long trail run with me and be my friend in real life, and now it's on the blog, so she is locked in before she has any idea how truly crazy I am. Our marathons were one week apart and our times were within two minutes of each other, so it's a match made in heaven! Plus I can probably get to see her unbelievably adorable baby in person! I am really really excited to have a real life blog friend, totally not sure if I would have signed up without that perk.

So I filled out all the info, put in my credit card, had a panic attack and made Eric click confirm, and now it's done - I'm officially signed up for an ultramarathon. Did I mention it's June 4th? Of this year?

Northface Endurance Challenge, here I come! Eric's in the shower now so can someone please come and take away the laptop and credit card before I do any more damage?

By the way, a 50K is 31 miles. Holy Crap for real, what have I done?


  1. How exciting!!!!!! I think the best way to keep motivated is to keep signing up for challenges!!! Awesome Job!! You will have to give blog trail tips, please!! :@) OH! And that race is the day after I get married!!! :@)

  2. You're my hero! Holy Cow! 31 miles. You can so do that!!!

    Northface Endurance?! Will they give you a super soft jacket in the swag bag?!? : )

  3. WOOOHOO!!! I'm so excited that I'm going to have a buddy for this race!

    The guy who won my marathon wearing the spiderman outfit is running this race too, but I think he's doing the 50 mile option. Maybe we should wear costumes too...or not :)

  4. OH MY GOSH! Good for you!

    My friend tried to get to me to sign up for the half marathon for this race. I looked at the elevation and nearly cried.

    But you are awesome and can totally handle this! I heard there is lots of great food at the end, so you have that to look forward to.

  5. Wow! That's awesome! I definitely can't wait to hear about it!

  6. That's only 4.8 miles longer than a marathon. You TOTALLY have that in the bag.


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