Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shamrock 5K

 I used the Shamrock 5K as a test run for my marathon outfit. Because, if it works for 3.1 miles, what's another 23.1, right?
 Eric asked why there was a weird line on my shirt. I explained that was where I stitched the big rip in it back together after I bought it. Um, if I had bought this Nike Dryfit shirt intact, it would have been more than $1.49. Like $20 or something.

The past few races I've run I've gone with friends, so it was a little sad to just drive myself there and run on my own. I thought I was being smart skipping the portopotties and sneaking into Caribou Coffee to use the bathroom before the race.
Apparently a few other people had that idea.
Everyone was decked out in green and the race start was packed. Well, apparently everyone except the guys standing behind me. When the race started, I was glad I wasn't running it for speed, because I was doing a 12 minute DOWNHILL mile. I wasn't trying to PR, but I wasn't trying to run 10 minute miles either. The crowd was ridiculous. I'm all for people walking races, getting out there, getting exercise, whatever. But do you have to go to the middle of the road, in the middle of the pack, and walk 2 and 3 across???
As soon as I could move (although I was still weaving like crazy) the whole "take it easy" thing was out the window.
Just look at that speed.
I knew Casi and Carolyn were coming to the parade so I was obsessively looking for them. I never saw them but clearly they found me. Now you can see why I wear my wedding ring while I run, with hotness like that, people need to know I'm taken.

My official time was 26:19 and my splits were 8:45, 8:31, and 8:04. The last little bit was a 7:07 pace. Not bad for starting at 12 + minute miles!

Not to worry, I saw my coach as soon as I finished and she said as long as I felt fine, I would be ok for the marathon. I don't want anyone to lose any sleep tonight.

Just as I predicted, I came home and was frantically trying to get everything done to get ready for the week. Damn you, procrastination.

But it was all good because while I was racing, Eric was getting me an early birthday present. He usually surprises me but this one I had to be in on because we had to get it ASAP.
That's right. Wicked. On my actual birthday. It took him 3 hours to order the tickets online, starting from the second they went on sale, because of the high volume of people trying to get them. But that was nothing compared to my friend Katylin. After sitting at her computer for 3 hours, she finally left and stood in a real live line at the actual place that sells tickets for another 2 hours or some ridiculous amount of time. But we all are going (not the same day though).

Some background: My life goals were to run a marathon and see Wicked. Eric got me tickets for Christmas 2009. 
He went with me, thinking it would be like the time I went with him to a Ravens game: fun, quality time with your spouse, but no way in hell you would do it on your own.
 Um, was he ever wrong. That was in January 2010 and I think I can count the number of times on one hand Eric's taken a shower and I haven't heard the soundtrack blasting. If any of the performers feel ill on my birthday, Eric can jump in because he knows every single lyric. He's been known to stay up till the wee hours of the morning watching different versions of Defying Gravity on youtube.
I got him a little gift too though. After the race, some girl handed me a free t-shirt. Turns out it was perfect for Eric, and it was even his size!
You can try, but you'll probably never be as good a wife as I am.


  1. That's pretty darn fast for just comfortably cruising, and being trapped by walkers! Nicely done.

    I'll be helping you hope for a weather change by next week. Light rain can be managable, but if it really pours...ugh.

    P.s., don't hate me but I really didn't like Wicked. Everyone, and I really mean everyone, that I know loves it, so I'm just broken that way.

  2. I know what you mean about people walking races. The start lines drive me crazy!

    I've always wanted to see wicked, but have never actually gotten around to going.

  3. Great race! I hate walkers in running races, I don't care if that's mean, but I think they should have to start 5 minutes later. It's not like they're trying to PR or anything.

    I've never seen Wicked, but I really enjoyed the book!


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