Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

Paula suggested doing a post of all sorts of random pics of my husband doing ridiculous things and explaining them. I started taking a little trip down memory lane and quickly realized that I have way too many to possibly include them in one post, so consider this installment number one.

Can you find Eric? One of our favorites, posing like random stuff we see. This is at a statue at his alma mater, Bowling Green State University (in Ohio).
This was a really special memory. Thanksgiving night, Eric stayed up all night to get a Black Friday deal on an xbox at like 3am. Then he stayed awake all the next day playing it. After he'd been up for approximately 36 hours, he passed out while we were hanging out with friends playing cards. We decided to take pictures of him while holding up basically everything in the room up to his face - the only logical solution, right? He woke up about an hour later demanding fried chicken.
I dropped my cell phone in the sewer, and he went in after it.
This one I truly can't explain....except to say that evidence in the picture suggests beer pong or flip cup was being played at the time.
We went on The Office official fan tour in Scranton, PA. These are the actual mustaches Dwight, Jim, and/or Michael used when they broke into the Utica branch to steal the copier to get back at Karen. 
Just last night, Eric saw people long jumping on TV and developed a deep seated need to know his own long jump capabilities. We live wild lives over here.
I had to include one of myself, its my blog after all! This was after the last day of school 2009. If you look closely, you can see words stamped on my forehead. This was obviously because you got 10% off your frozen yogurt if you let them stamp their logo on your head. On the way home, my friends and I ran into this guy making balloon animals, which led to this.


  1. This is so funny! I'm 100% sure I don't have any pictures nearly this funny of my husband (he's not a fan of me and my camera)! The sewer picture shows he definitely loves you!!!

  2. OMG, that pic of him sleeping with the crab is so funny. I did that to a friend of mine when she passed out an hour into one of my birthday parties. Thank GOODNESS she was cool with it when I showed her the pictures the next day.
    And I cannot believe he climbed in the sewer for you! That is some love right there.
    You and your hubs look like a riot. :-)

  3. Okay, he must REALLLLY love you to get in a sewer for you!! I love these pictures!! So fun!

  4. If I dropped my phone in the sewer, my husband would be like "Well, that's gone." He'd never jump in there for it :)

  5. Omg, omg, omg I want to go on the Office Fan Tour! I love The Office! I've seen every episode about 3 times and I am so heartbroken that Steve Carell is leaving.

    Like you said, clearly destined to be blog friends. :)

  6. What a good husband going into the sewer for your phone. No way would my husband do that!! Love the crab picture!! Thanks for the laugh!


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