Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have an addiction

In other news, I finally learned to take a screen shot. Expect to see a lot of these.

I was super excited to register for the Maryland Half Marathon at the Baltimore Marathon expo. My sister was with me and swore up and down that it was NOT the weekend of her graduation. Guess what? It is. So I have to defer to 2012. But I really wanted to do a spring half. I want to actually train for it and try to improve my time. This one seems a lot better than my original plan for several reasons.
1. Its on the NCR trail, which is completely, 100% flat. Can't get much better than that if I want to get a new PR. The Maryland Half is known for being brutally hilly.
2. It's on a Saturday, which is highly preferable to Sunday, when the MD Half takes place.
3. The shuttle bus leaves only a few miles from our apartment.
4. It's being put on by my school, Towson University. 
5. It's only $25 (discount for students!) and you get a t-shirt and a medal (I emailed the race director to make sure I would get a medal before signing up). 
6. The money goes to a good cause.

It's a little closer to the marathon than I'd prefer, but I think it will be ok. The marathon is March 20th, so if I recover for a week, that puts me at March 27th, then I can ease back into running and really start speedwork as soon as April begins. I ran a metric marathon (16 miles) not even a month after my last marathon, so that's a good sign. I'm also considering signing up for another race the following weekend. Its a 5K, and I'd be on a team raising money for a friend of a friend who is suffering from ALS. Who am I kidding, I'll probably sign up within moments of hitting publish.

I took a little peek at my Garmin stats from the Baltimore Marathon. It seems like most miles that didn't involve a bathroom break or picture taking or smearing vaseline on my legs were somewhere between 9:49 and 10:30. So I think 9:50 is a good goal pace to shoot for at Shamrock. It kind of scares me since a lot of miles were closer to the 10:30, but I've done a lot of speedwork, this marathon is flat, and I did feel like I could have pushed it more after Baltimore. Announcing it on here is also scary because that means I actually have to do it! Knowing I have to report back is good motivation though.

We are going to see The Adjustment Bureau in a little while, plus we are going grocery shopping (at Wegmans!) and I'm going to try to get some St. Patty's Day stuff to wear for the race!
After all that, we are headed to game night at a friend's house. But, we'll have to leave an hour early, because we are losing an hour, and I would rather take it away from game night than from sleep. Taking it away from sleep is bad news for everyone I come in contact with. 

I need to make an actual meal plan for this week. I normally do, but last week I failed and it meant going to the grocery store like every day after work to pick up a few random things for dinner. Totally a waste of time.

Speaking of things that I don't like, I just want to put it out there: I hate the word awesomesauce. I've seen it on a lot of blogs, I tried to get on board, but its just stupid. And that's my opinion on that. 

Have a great Saturday! What's your opinion on awesomesauce?


  1. I have been trying to figure out how to do a screen shot, but I don't think I'm smart enough. : )
    I go to the movies all the time, too. I think the Adjustment Bureau is what I'm going to see today.
    I was good friends with a guy in junior college that played basketball at Towson after he left here!
    Awesomesauce = stupidsauce. I think you were right. Stupid is the only way to describe it.
    Oh yeah, you might wear sweaters from high school, but maybe no one could tell?! I wore a tshirt not too long ago that said 2003 on it. Dead giveaway that I have had it about 6-7 years too long. oops.

  2. I hate the word awesomesauce too. I hate made up words in general. It just seems so middle school to me. AMAZEBALLS. Please.

    I think you can go faster than 9:50, you are super speedy on your mid-week 8 mile runs!


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