Monday, March 28, 2011

How can I become a full time blog reader?

We had a record low this weekend of only 8 hours spent in the car.

This is a significant reduction from the approximately 14 last weekend and this coming weekend. All these hours in the car mean I am spending the following week playing catch up, which is a serious problem because it's really limited my blog stalking time. I have barely read or commented on any blog recently, and it's only going to get worse. :(. Someday I'll have time and then you'll see a series of comments from me on every post dating back at least 3 months. If I had a smartphone or something this could probably be avoided but I'm not cool like that.

In addition to driving to DC for the National Marathon, yesterday we headed to PA to visit my Gram (grandma) in the rehab center/nursing home. I hung out with Gram while my devoted husband headed to her apartment and brought everything from the attic to the front porch to be put into storage until she's out. I said that earned him three get-out-of-jail free cards for the next three stupid things he did. He said he was going to save them all up and do one really really stupid thing. I said he couldn't combine them. We still haven't reached a consensus. What do you think?

In the name of marathon recovery, I forced myself to take a week off as directed. It's finally done and I can get my exercise fix again! I started out this week with Body Pump, plus 20 minutes on the elliptical. I love how Body Pump forces me to work my rapidly atrophying muscles (ex. arms) that I am waaaay too lazy to work myself. I was pretty impressed I made it since we didn't get back until 9pm last night and Body Pump starts at 5:45 am. It felt so good to start the day with a workout again. 

On a side note, why is it March 28th and I still have to dress up like an eskimo to walk across the street to the gym?? 

Another side note - I put protein powder on my cereal after reading an article in Runner's World this morning, and I'm not sure how that's going to go down.

Seriously, we need input on the get-out-of-jail free stupidity cards. Would you ever make a deal like this with your significant other, or are we completely abnormal?


  1. Protein powder in your cereal? Umm...yum?

    My husband and I have a similar system, but much less PG. :)

  2. I love body pump! I used to go like three times a week and then my gym switched around the schedules so I couldn't go anymore. I miss it. Well basically I miss being jacked.

  3. My husband always puts protein powder in his cereal. He likes the taste better too. More vanilly. Less milli. ahh yes. Bad joke ripe for the taking.

  4. He got THREE get out of jail free cards?! Man, he must have done a lot of work! I would say let him combine them. Atleast he only gets one screw up and he's out of cards. : )
    I would make a deal like this!
    Record low of 8 hours in the car? ahhh. 8 hours is WAY to much.

  5. get back to blog-stalking!! we need your bursts of sunshine on our pages!

    j/k. I've loved your barrage of posts during this big marathon week for you :) You can be a full-time blogger and blog reader


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