Monday, July 4, 2011

Do you want to know what fried kool-aid looks like?

I am really becoming a big girl....I went for a bike ride all by myself yesterday! I've had this mental block about just taking a bike ride around my neighborhood, mainly because of the monster hills, but I finally did it. 

Approximately 16.5 miles, 1679 feet of elevation climbed (which basically boils down to, it was freakin hilly), average speed of 11.1 miles. A new biking distance record, and further than my first sprint tri coming up before I know it!

I was pretty freaked out by how hard Saturday's run was, so I wanted to practice another brick workout. After my bike ride, I changed into my running shoes and busted out five miles. Here's a recipe for a tough run - 95 degrees + legs exhausted after riding a bike + no shade + hills. I filled my handheld water bottle before I left and had to stop at a gas station at the halfway point to buy a second bottle, which was gone before I got home. I was shocked that my average pace was 9:34 after all that, I was fully ready to look down and see that I'd been running 11 minute miles. But, the heat was really the only problem, my legs felt fine, they didn't feel ridiculously heavy like the day before. it the swim then? Because Sunday's ride was so much hilly, hotter and tougher than Saturday's.

I tried to make you blind show how sweaty I was after that crazy workout by taking a picture.
 To apologize for burning your retinas with that, here are some pictures of Eric eating fried Kool-aid.
 This truck mysteriously appeared on the street corner by our apartment recently. I literally have to pass it to go anywhere, and then I spend the next five minutes unable to think about anything except "What the HELL is fried koolaid??????"
 Last night, Eric and I were running late to meet friends downtown to see a concert, and I couldn't take it anymore and pulled over and demanded that he buy some and eat it so I could have the answers to my questions. Being the wonderful husband that he is, he was happy to oblige. 

Are you ready? Because it pretty much looks like it could be fried anything.

 I did try a tiny bite, it did taste like orange koolaid. I'm still unconvinced though.
 Score one for fried's portable.
 I do NOT like live music but this is the second time I've seen this band, called Under the Covers, and they are awesome. And the lead singer is hot. And the concert was outdoors, on the water, and the weather was beautiful.
 My friend Angela went to high school with all the band members, so it's like she knows celebrities.
 Eric got a little wild....I kept it under control. The drinking anyway. The dancing is never under control.

I had a free pass for a local gym that was having a holiday special of three classes in a row this morning, so I just completed Body Pump, Spinning, and Body Attack, for an intense 2 hours and 50 minutes of working out. Obviously I've done workouts longer than that before but this one used all these previously untouched marshmallow muscles, you know, like all those ones that AREN'T used for running, so it was tough. We did about a million plio lunges. If you don't know what those are, just consider yourself lucky and try to keep it that way. Body Attack is my favorite class ever, I think I love it as much as running. If there were some sort of Body Attack marathon, I'd totally register.

Now it's the 4th of July, and I am an American who doesn't have to work, so obviously I'm off to a BBQ and watching fireworks! Happy birthday, America!


  1. plio lunges always make me sore the next day! Or sometimes while I'm doing them...after several sets my legs feel like Jello and I worry that I'm not going to land on my feet for the next one.

    Never heard of fried koolaid!! Nice job with that run after your bike ride in the heat. I could bike in the heat any time -- at least air is moving past you...but RUNNING in 95 is insane!!

  2. Woah, that sounds like a nuts line up of workouts! I've done 2 classes in a row before, but never 3. I feel good knowing that you can carry me out of the woods with your Body Attack muscles. :)

  3. Ok, so i've wanted to try fried koolaid...that's too funny there was a truck randomly selling it!

    Great job on your workouts! I don't know how you managed to do that run - freaking hot!!

  4. Happy 4th Alyssa. P.S. you were right -- it was me who had pine mouth before. The poor indoor running sucks and lasts for way too long

  5. So basically it's fried dough flavored with koolaid? So weird. But I would definitely try it.

    If the lead singer is hot, it kind of doesn't matter how the music is :)

  6. I have been hearing about fried koolaid all over the internet, but I am with you on it--too weirded out to try it. Fried other things, that's a different story :P

  7. Um, I just read your blog tagline and do not understand why you were not in my google reader before. Working out and chocolate are my two favorite things in the world.


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