Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A look at fourth of july history

My dad recently complained that I wasn't blogging enough about chocolate anymore, so here's the delicious dessert I made for our patriotic cookout at Casi's yesterday.
But, delicious as those cookies and cream brownies were, they aren't enough to satisfy a dessert addict like me. Thank goodness all four girls attending the cookout felt the same way.
I just realized that I took that picture more than 24 hours ago and have not had a cupcake yet.

My brownies were the only non - patriotic dessert, but no one complained.

Here's some other pictures that probably look pretty similar to your fourth of july, except with different people.

Eric as grillmaster.
 Me pausing from stuffing my face long enough to take a picture with Carolyn.
  A little Ke$ha karaoke - Eric really appreciated it.
Then MJ's Black or White came on, so it became a duet.

 I got to use my new serving bowl (a birthday gift from my mom!) to hold the mango salsa I made.
 Everyone survived sitting on the dangerous rooftop (no railing!) to watch the fireworks. Eric was so focused on his sixth dessert he couldn't stop to take this picture.
 Which resulted in a huge food baby.

That's a pretty typical 4th, in my opinion, so let's take a little walk through history.
Fourth of July 2007 - wow we look like babies!
This was my second summer as a Marylander, and my first summer as a crab lover. For being the same people that are in the above picture on the roof, we look pretty different!

The next year (2008) we went to visit our friends Katylin and Ben in Arlington, and walked to Georgetown to see the fireworks over the Washington Memorial.
This was less than two weeks before our wedding, so we practiced showing nothing but class.

Then disaster struck - Eric stepped on my flipflop, breaking it (for $2 I expected much higher quality), and we were over a mile from Katylin's apartment, with no cabs to be had, given the holiday and all.
 Ben tried to fix it with patriotic beads.

 It was a valiant effort, but the night ended like this:

My butt hurts so much from all the lunging and spinning yesterday I can barely walk, and I'm about to hit the track for speedwork with my group. Please help me.

Did your fourth of July look like mine, or did you do something different?


  1. I would have to say a little different since my flip flops survived the day! That chocolate cake with the oreos looks so yummy!

  2. Mine pretty much looked like yours: eating and drinking! I hate when flip flops break. It always happens when you're out at night (usually the result of a drunken mis-step in my case).

  3. The brownies look fantastic. If they taste amazing they don't need to be patriotic!

  4. My 4th was nothing like yours, lol. I sat around all day and watched tv because I'm awesome like that. I'm pretty sure that's what the for fathers (four fathers? forefathers?) would have wanted.

    Also, I want those brownies right now.

  5. Yeah, my 4th of July was much wilder than yours. We yelled at the young hoodlums setting off fireworks and ruining our 9:30pm bedtime. :)

    I really want to find the male version of that "Redheads do it better" shirt.

  6. "For being the same people that are in the above picture on the roof, we look pretty different!"

    Actually, I am wearing the exact same t-shirt and shorts as in the old photo. I do have glasses on now, though.


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