Thursday, July 7, 2011

I love learning

Lessons Learned Since my Last Post

1. Speedwork in 90 degree weather the day after a million plio lunges is not actually going to be speedy.
2. After several weeks of total and utter laziness, attempting to make it to the gym before 9am takes a ridiculous amount of energy.
3. Completely slacking on upper body work while spending months training for races means that instead of being able to do 25 tricep pushups, I can do 1.5.
4. Starting The Hunger Games the night before I start summer class is not conducive to a good grade. Or a good marriage. Or a clean house. You get the idea.
5. I love my team, but it doesn't make up for the fact that I HATE softball. The one teammate who brutally mocks people who make mistakes and yells at me and gets mad when I don't respond because she is calling me THE WRONG NAME isn't helping either.
6. Mark Wahlberg is not attractive, but has a good body in The Fighter.
7. Watching movies with your girlfriends (read: people you don't cuddle with) outside on a pier results in a significantly higher chance of staying awake than watching on the couch with your husband.
8. If you go to a movie projected on a pier overlooking the harbor at sunset, and you're a blogger, it would be a cool thing to bring a camera to.
9. Falling asleep in the car on the way to a trail run is not a great start for the run. (PS Eric was driving). 
10. If you try to rush back from the trail run because the cable guy is coming between 10-1, and you get back at 10:05, it WILL be the one time they get there right at 10am. 
11. Apparently I do have some ability to do a trail run and not get lost in the forest - I ran on two different trails all by myself! Four stream crossings!
12. If you get confused with technology, you do have the option of trying to figure it out yourself and not just demanding your husband/father/twitter friends fix it for you (but thanks, Kari!)

Other random news - Eric and I will be celebrating our three year anniversary at my next 50K - he is running the 10 mile option! Considering when we got married he was much heavier, didn't eat vegetables, and couldn't run a mile, I am pretty excited about that. We will be celebrating with Kara, and it's her 3 year anniversary too, so we can all be romantic on the trails together. Speaking of Kara, go congratulate her for winning the lottery to do her first 50 MILE RACE!!!! I'm possibly more excited about her running it than is necessary.


  1. Running in the heat is so demoralizing. It makes me like 1 min/mi slower.

  2. Loooove the Hunger Games series! I blew through them.

    Happy (early) anniversary!

  3. I learned so much from reading this post. Side note, I DO think Marky Mark is attractive.

  4. Wait, so if we watched a movie together, there wouldn't be cuddling? Lame.

    I'm so excited that Eric is running the 10 mile option. He'll probably be the only black guy running through the woods that day, but make sure you don't point that out, it's racist.

  5. So, I'm with Kari. Walhberg is both fit AND attractive. A race is such an awesome way to celebrate an anniversary, I love it.

  6. your husband is kick-ass. really awesome. good for him!

    Mark wahlberg = always hot. Have you seen I Heart Huckabees? He's adorable.

    I love to learn ABOUT YOU


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