Saturday, July 9, 2011

The wierdest whipped cream I've ever made

I finally got to meet my running group this morning to do a long run! We ran around Lake Elkhorn.
Aside from the fact that you are so busy chatting you barely notice you are running, having fantastic running buddies is awesome because you can push each other. Today was totally not my day for running, luckily Jackie and Lily pushed me to pick up the pace and attack the hills instead of running so slow I'm practically walking up them trying not to cry.
Also sometimes they bring you gifts.
Like thigh high compression socks! Jackie brought Lily and I each a pair. They are supposed to help your muscles recover or something, whatever she's a doctor and she told us to wear them.
Actually, they were more like waist high on me. 

If you shower after your workout, and you plan to just hang out around the house for a bit, do you actually get dressed in presentable clothes, or do you throw on a Bon Jovi shirt and shorts that your husband "borrowed" from the bar he works at like me?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I know the reason why I had such an off day. First of all, I had to work a whole DAY last week, plus attend grad class on a whole different day. Those one day weeks can be exhausting.

Second of all, I finished Hunger Games and moved on to the second book in the trilogy. I obviously had to have amazon overnight it to me because the library was moving way too slow. Side note - apparently I am benefiting from not having an e-reader, because two recently published hardcover books only cost $15 total?

I was up late reading Catching Fire, book #2 of The Hunger Games. Then when I finally put it down to go to sleep, I started comparing it to the last teen science fiction novel series I read, which was obviously Twilight. Then I started hearing all these sounds that REALLY sounded like vampires coming to drink my blood, and with all that going on, it was pretty tough to get a solid night's sleep.

This week I had lots of grad work to do and IEPs to read for summer school, so I took the only logical course of action. I left the house, went to the farmer's market, and came home and cooked a ton of new recipes. I could have taken pictures of them to show you, but most were from magazines so I couldn't link to them anyway, so it would just be a tease. 

I did make this little beauty that I found on pinterest.
 Coconut milk whipped cream. I highly enjoying "testing" the coconut milk when I use it for recipes, and I'm obsessed with whipped cream, so I figured it was win win.

As per usual, mine did not exactly match the picture.
I cut up a fresh fig, baked it with some vanilla and balsamic, and served it (to myself alone) over vanilla ice cream with coconut milk whipped cream on top. AMAZING. Yet again, no pic....that's ok I guess I'll just have to make it again.

Then I ate two of the chocolates that my friend Amanda sent me for my bday, because no matter how delicious and fancy a dessert is, it's not real dessert until it includes chocolate.
I don't know why I am posing with the chocolate like a beaver in this picture.


  1. That whipped cream sounds awesome. i love thai sticky rice with coconut milk, so it's gotta be good, right?

    I want that Bon Jovi shirt and those compression socks are ridic! I mean I wear sleeves and shorts, so that's kind of the same thing, but thigh high socks? crazy :)

  2. Now those compression socks are sexy. You now have the perfect date night outfit.

    I almost never wear real clothes. Unless I go out in public because I have a deep fear of one day getting selected for "What Not To Wear".


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