Saturday, July 23, 2011

Don't carb load with fried kool-aid

I apologize if this title of this post shocks you. I know it goes against conventional running wisdom.

Some people had to learn this lesson the hard way.

A whole box of fried kool-aid. Turned out to be a bad pre-half marathon dinner.

But despite that, I am now married to a half marathoner! And I couldn't be prouder!

Last night, Lily, Eric, and I left Baltimore around 7:30 to head north to my hometown of Rochester, NY for a double decker weekend of a half marathon, followed by a triathlon.
We got to my mom's house around 1:30, went to sleep at 2am, and were up at 6am for the half. The temperature was about 84 degrees at the start, and in the 90s by the finish, with super high humidity. The race offered NO shade.

However, it did offer detailed instructions on how to wear a bib.

And AWESOME post race food (which sadly I couldn't eat much of, due to the heat).

Tragedy struck before the race. My Garmin, despite being charged when we left Baltimore, was dead at the start line.
Luckily, someone else was wearing her Garmin for the first time!
We had fun during this race, but the heat, sun and humidity were BRUTAL. Lily and I chatted the whole time, and actually two separate volunteers couldn't believe we were still talking when they saw us for the second time! We walked through every water stop. The attitude was basically "we could push it, we SHOULD push it....but I don't feel like pushing it. If you do, go ahead though". Spoiler alert - we finished together.

I must admit, I'm a little ashamed of this time. 2:16:45. But, I ran a half marathon 6 days after a 50K, in rough conditions, the day before a triathlon. I could have pushed it, but not every race has to be a mad rush for a PR. It is what it is.

Sad surprise at the end - no medals. We like the shirt though.

The finish was a pretty view of the lake. We didn't enjoy it at that point though.

Weirdest post race food craving ever - they had carrots and mustard at the finish. Not meant to go together, but I went for it. It was amazing. Don't judge.

I tried to be a devoted wife and waited for Eric on my sore feet in the hot sun while Lily chilled in the shade.

There he comes!
 Finishing strong.
 HE DID IT!!!!! I am SO proud of him and amazed that he ran a half marathon - and a ridiculously tough one at that. And 6 days after a ten mile race!
 I thought we were getting all getting close and cuddly in this pic. Eric and Lily wanted no part of that.
 Forced him in for a half mary hug.
 Check out this running tan line.
After the half, we needed to test out the water for our tri tomorrow. We were hoping it would be warm enough to skip the wetsuits (and save the $20 rental fee).

Lily was a tad hesitant.
Eric stayed on shore.

Rookie mistake on the wardrobe. Camelbak + racerback tank top. Bad news. Good thing I brought the diaper rash cream. It resulted in me going to the grocery store like this.
 I really hoped to run in to some ex boyfriends, but no dice.

I was going to use my camelbak tomorrow, but that's out.

Can't believe it's already time for my first triathlon tomorrow - so excited!


  1. What a jam-packed weekend. Congrats to Eric on his first half, and good luck to you tomorrow for your first tri!

  2. Great! Congratulations to all of you -- and great report with triathlon test swim video - very fun :)

    Hope you get through without aggravating the chafing -- I might have some chafing myself from my last two runs (last week & this week)...

    Don't wear your bike helmet out of T2. Do leave your goggles in T1 (not like me).

  3. Congrats to Eric for finishing his first Half!!! That is awesome! And good luck today at the Tri!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

  4. Do not be ashamed of your time - NO! You are amazing. Seriously! You bust out 50Ks, half marathons, and triathlons in the summer?!?! My god, I have no idea how you survived the heat yesterday.

    Congrats to Eric!!!!!

  5. You had a great time for that heat! Funny thing, I ran a half marathon in 2:16...when I was unknowingly PREGNANT...DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. Just kidding, I'm sure that's just a coincidence. :)

    Congrats to Eric, all his future races are going to seem easy in comparison!

  6. hahaha re: Kara's comment.

    Great job considering you had 4 hours of sleep and it was 84. Pretty sure I couldn't get that time in this weather. But you are a PRO at running in the heat especially after your hot 50k.

    Congrats to your husband!!

  7. Congrats to Eric!! I hope he had a great time. And congrats to you too - and good luck!

  8. Where do you get fried kool-aid in Rochester?

  9. PS -
    this hilarious tweeter/writer/blogger tweeted about carrots and mustard the other day!!!/Sundry/status/94260439436898304


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