Saturday, July 16, 2011

I make good choices

Because I always make good choices, I spent the day before my second 50K walking around an outdoor festival, in the sun, in near 90 degree temps, for about 3 hours. 

But in my defense, if I hadn't I would have had to wait until next year's Artscape to see stuff like this:

 Really had to show some restraint not to get this for Eric.

It's almost like I have a radar for finding places to make a fool of myself.

Around 12:30 pm Carolyn and I naturally sought out the karaoke "bar" in the middle of the festival and sung My Humps. 
 Shockingly, my many practices of this song in the car were not as helpful for my performance as I had anticipated.
 At one point, I had to stop because the guy who was running it was laughing so loud I couldn't even hear the music - RUDE.

 And look - still focused on hydration!
 Just let this be a reminder that if you are reading this blog and looking at ridiculous pictures, thinking, wow, this girl must be WASTED, I'm probably not. That's just how I act. Thank god I have awesome, similarly minded friends.

Artscape was great for photo - ops.

 Dear Girl running the booth that had a fake USA Today newspaper for people to pose in and pretend they are part of a newspaper headline,

Try to actually get the USA today in the picture. 

 Dear Giant Waffle,

You were delicious.

Alyssa, Casi, and Carolyn
I think we all know how much this sign made me happy. I got a spongebob puzzle for my kids that had ALL 24 pieces. Time will tell if they are all to that actual puzzle.

Some pretty delicious carb loading is happening over here.

 Wait - that's just the natural state of bananas in our two person household. I have stepped up the intake to 2-3 a day, but that's also not that abnormal.

Delicious. I thought I carb-loaded pretty well, but this morning my stomach growled so loud that it actually WOKE ME UP. That's a new one for me, I usually don't even wake up hungry. Thoughts?

Tonight Eric made Buffalo Chicken Pizza (he just made up the recipe -  ladies, I highly recommend marrying a former Pizza Hut AND Dominoes employee).
 Confession Time!!!
I decided to see if I could do a modified sugar free week prior to my race. I tried not to have any dessert or treats ALL week. Like, I still ate cereal and fruit and stuff, but no chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc.  I am proud to say that with the exception of a tiny ice cream sample at the farmer's market, and two starburst and a gummy worm from Artscape today (free samples don't count anyway), I MADE IT. The last treat I had was a Klondike bar at the winery an entire week ago. This is definitely the longest I've gone without chocolate. I don't think it will actually make any difference in racing tomorrow, except that I can remind myself of my own willpower when the going gets rough and maybe I'll grab some M&Ms at an aid station and appreciate them even more than usual.

Here's what we're looking at for the majority of the race tomorrow - better than I expected actually, but still HOT. As long as the M&Ms don't melt, I can handle it.

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  1. So excited to hear about your run. I know it will be incredible, good luck!
    Your day looked so fun, great photos too!


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